Max Steel Costume for Halloween 2023- DIY max steel costume

Max Steel is the symbiotic relationship between Maxwell Grath and Steel, where both harness and utilize T.U.R.B.O. energy. Both individuals have distinct personalities, so working together can be challenging, but when fighting the villains they fight, they kick ass.
The blue suit is the boy’s maxed steel costume favorite look. You’ll need a black bodysuit, E.V.A. foam, templates, metallic acrylic paint, a blue light up-sword, and motorcycle gloves to look like a max steel costume.

max steel costume
Max Steel Costume

How to Make Max Steel Costume

1. Long Sleeve Unitard Bodysuit

Start by dressing in a full black bodysuit to help you keep all the costume pieces together. It is a Unisex design so that both sexes can wear max steel costume accessories. However, the size may run small. Therefore, it is recommended to go up one size.

An excellent choice for Halloween costumes and dancing.

2. Men’s Fashion Sneakers

Black sneakers are an excellent base for a black costume.

Designed with knit upper fabric, this pair of running shoes has incredible softness and breathability for men. Furthermore, this pair of walking shoes will help you to feel more unrestrained on your feet as they will be able to move freely.

Since E.V.A. is less dense, its weight is lighter, which can reduce the weight of sports shoes very effectively, and it will not be too taxing on your feet and knees, so you will not feel tired and tired at the end of the day. However, wearing it for a long time can cause it to lose its elasticity. As well as being odorless, robust and highly durable, E.V.A. material has excellent durability as well. These men’s sneakers have an elastic shoe mouth design that allows them to fit your ankle better. Another advantage of this design is that it does not make it easy for them to slip out of your hands. Unlike other sports footwear, these casual sports shoes wrap your feet and ankles well, providing more robust protection.

3. Template for Full Face Helmets

With a template, Createboys max steel costume full-face helmets are more accessible to a D.I.Y. max steel costume maker.

Come up with a sci-fi character or helmet. The pattern is the foundation for any surface you can imagine being covered by a full helmet. In addition, you can create your version using this easy-to-use pattern with only five pieces, making it a quick build to get your cosplay project started.

4. Kids Can Make E.V.A. Sheets!

For your armor and helmet, make use of lightweight E.V.A. foams.

Weak; Firm; Waterproof; Environmentally friendly; As the thickness of the material varies, so do its bending properties. Whether it is a school project or a D.I.Y. max steel costume, project, a costume, armor, or weapon, you will need to make it.

5. You can use A.R.T.E.Z.A. Metallic Acrylic Paint to make it.

With blue and white metallic acrylic paint, you can make your armor and helmet look more realistic.

Colors with a Vibrant, Metallic Finish: This acrylic color will fire your imagination; whether you are a beginner in acrylic painting or an experienced, Premium Metallic Acrylic Paint features a smooth, highly pigmented color that produces accurate, consistent shades. These colors won’t fade over time, making them ideal for canvas paintings.

  • Certified Safe & Non-Toxic: There should not be any concerns regarding the toxicity of our Metallic Acrylic Paint. Because of its A.C.M.I. certification, you can rest assured that it is 100% safe. It’s perfect for kids and adults who are creative.
  • We at Arteza are dedicated to creating products that will inspire. Our products are designed and developed by artists. Our products capture the essence of what we experience as human beings. We work hard to bring art supplies to as many people as possible.

6. Full Finger Glove

Stick to the theme with these black and white motorcycle gloves.

This Direct Inject Rubber Logos & Graphics are perfect for protecting the back of the hand and the finger knuckles from injury. Especially useful in the event of an accident. The glove is designed to provide maximum performance without paying a total price: Lycra finger gusset, Lightly Padded, Silicone Gripper on ALL Fingers, and a T.P.R. wrist closure to ensure optimal grip when necessary. This is not the first time Touch Recognition has been used on a fingertip rather than a finger belly.


Make sure you bring your light-up sword along with you.

The Beast-X Electronic Saber is the ultimate toy for kids, featuring lights and sound effects that react to children’s movements with confidence.

 Swinging the Beast-X Electronic Saber seven times, “Beast Mode” is firmly activated, including unique lights and battle sounds. Kids can imagine themselves as one of the Power Rangers when playing with this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Electronic Saber toy.

8. Max Steel Costume

Halloween Sensations Max Steel Costume, SmallThis officially licensed Max Steel costume includes a jumpsuit and mask. Max Steel is an official Mattel product.

About max steel costume

In the 2000-2015 television series Max Steel, Andrew Francis voiced Max, while Sam Vincent performed Steel. There are three people known by the name Franz. Francis Wright for his role in The Invisible, a series of films including Final Destination 3, Escafluence: The Movie, and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, while Vincent Petersen is best known for his role in Sausage Party, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, and Torn: Dark Bullets respectively.

In the 2016 film Max Steel, Ben Winchell played Max, and Josh Brener played Steel. It should also be noted that Winchell is also known for his roles in Feed, When The Streetlights Go On, and Finding Carter, whereas Brener is also known for his roles in The Internship, Baked in Brooklyn, and The Belko Experiment.

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