11 Best Maggie and Ferocious Beast Costume for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Ferocious Beast (a tame and friendly beast) and Hamilton Hocks (an adorably fussy pig) are Maggie’s favorite toys in the Canadian animated children’s series Maggie & Ferocious Beast. There will be endless adventures for Maggie and her friend in Maggie’s imaginary Nowhere Land.Let,s make you best Maggie and Ferocious Beast Costume Today.

Ferocious Beast & Maggie are best friends looking for new adventures. Currently, Maggie is wearing a yellow shirt, a blue pinafore dress, yellow socks, black Mary Janes, and a white safari. It is important that you dress up in a yellow jumpsuit with red circular felt paper attached to it to resemble the Ferocious Beast.

Making Maggie’s Costume – A Step-by-Step Guide

T-shirt in yellow

Maggie and Ferocious Beast Costume
Maggie and Ferocious Beast Costume

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Begin by starting with a plain yellow shirt for your Maggie outfit.

Providing premium softness wash after wash, the lightweight cotton blend keeps you cool and dry. Dry-power moisture-wicking technology wicks away moisture, so you stay cool and dry. It also creates an odor-resistant barrier to keep the fabric fresh throughout the day.

The Sukkos Women’s Jeans Collection

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Wear your favorite shirt over a denim pinafore dress to look even cuter.

This overall skirt is made from a quality power stretch denim fabric which gives it the right amount of softness and elasticity for all-day comfort. A bib overall with multiple pockets, cool metal buttons, and a shoulder strap that can be adjusted

Flat Ballet Shoes with Straps

Flat Ballet Shoes with Straps and The Sukkos Women's Jeans Collection

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Make a statement with a pair of classic black Mary Jane shoes.

There is no doubt that a retro style characterizes Mary Janes’s shoes, so they are suitable for everyday clothes and special occasions, such as Cosplay or Lolita.

Stylish slip-on with vintage adjustable buckles will flatter your foot. You can wear them every day for leisure time or work, as well as for special occasions, such as ballet, theater, and theme parties.

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Copper Orange Andromeda Curly Wigs

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I am sure that you will love Maggie Maggie’s signature look with this orange curly wig.

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Outdoor Hat Made of Straw Pith Helmet by Milani

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With your white pith hat, you look like an adventurous soul.

 With the leatherette brim strap, you can decorate the hat to your liking. In addition, the side vent holes can be used to attach chin straps (straps not included).

Satin ribbon in red solid

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Wear a red ribbon wrapped around your safari hat to add color to the look.

This keepsake is perfect for wedding details, sewing projects, gift wrapping, invitation embellishments, and all kinds of crafting projects.

Women’s Bamboo Fiber Casual Socks for Women

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Don’t forget to keep the yellow theme going with a pair of yellow socks.

Ferocious Beast Costume: How to Make It

Coveralls in yellow jumpsuits

Make your Ferocious Beast costume from a full yellow jumpsuit that you’ll use as a base.

Craft Felt Circles – Playfully Ever After

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To recreate the iconic spots of the beast, sew or glue red felt circles across the jumpsuit to give it the appearance of the red spots.

It can be used for creative craft projects, decorations, quiet books, and many other things!

Let us give you the perfect cut to save you time from cutting them yourself. (Let us do it for you!). The two options are sewing or gluing (hot glue is the most efficient method).

Fashion Sneakers for Men

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Don’t forget to wear a pair of yellow sneakers that are in keeping with the yellow theme.

 There is softness, comfort, and breathability to the material. Thanks to the knit upper material, running or walking allows your feet to breathe freely.

Fashion knit mesh upper for lightweight support and breathability can maximize the upper surface, ensuring your foot is always cool and dry.

White Resin Horns

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You should make a headband with three white horns to look like the Ferocious Beast.

Gloves made from nylon that are tailored to fit men’s hands

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Make sure that you stick to the yellow color scheme with a pair of yellow gloves.

This is a universal or universally sized men’s stretch tee – it fits most young men. It has ornamental stitching on the collar and shoulders.

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Maggie and Ferocious Beast: A little bit about them

Kristen Bone provided the voice of Maggie. Additionally, Bone has starred in Mean Girls, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Rolie Polie Olie, and Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun.

Stephen Ouimette voiced the ferocious Beast, Oogley, in The Big Lebowski. Ouimette has also been a part of numerous movies and television series such as Slings and Arrows, Mentors, X-Men: The Animated Series, and Babar: The Movie.

Is it safe for kids to watch Maggie and the Ferocious Beast?

“Maggie and the Ferocious Beast” is one of the shows I would not recommend to anyone. In general, Maggie is OK for children under two or three, but older children often get ideas straight from the TV, which can easily happen if they watch it. The show can indeed teach good manners, but otherwise, it can be unwise and even upsetting to children who may not be aware of what they’re dealing with.

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