Top 8 Rick Astley Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Rick Astley is a singer, songwriter, and performer best known for his 1980s hit Never Gonna Give You Up. Before he became famous, Astley drove a truck for his father and sang in local pubs with his buddies. While he was younger, he was in a few different bands, one of which was FBI, but it wasn’t until he decided to go solo that he truly built a reputation for himself.
When Pete Waterman heard Astley singing, he knew he had to bring him into the studio right away. Never Gonna Give You Up, Astley’s first major success, reached the top of the charts in over 20 countries! The music video has become an online craze since 2007, when the first use of Astley’s video appeared on 4chan as a hoax. Millions of people have seen the “rickrolling” joke.

Rick Astley Costumes
Rick Astley Costumes

The Rick Astley Costume, or How to Look Like Rick Astley: Step-by-Step Instructions  

Rick Astley’s Striped Shirt

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Top With Stripes You can choose the type of striped shirt you like.

Rick Astley’s Collared Shirt

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Shirts With Collars In addition to that, you may choose to wear a shirt with a collar underneath.

Rick Astley’s Black Jacket

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Black Jacket After that, you should put on a black jacket.

Rick Astley’s White Pants

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Pairs of White Pants These trousers will look great with your jacket.

Rick Astley Belt

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Belt Use this belt to cinch the waist of the pants.

Rick Astley Shoes

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Shoes: You should also wear these formal shoes.

Rick Astley’s Wig

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A ginger wig is the finishing touch for this outfit. 

Rick Astley’s Fake microphone

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Imitation microphone A supplementary item.

About Rick Astley

Rick Astley wears a striped shirt under a black suit jacket in his famed Never Gonna Give You Up outfit. He is likewise dressed in white trousers. Finish off his look with a redhead wig.

Rick Astley is a well-known English musician, songwriter, and radio personality who has been engaged in the music industry for many years. In the 1980s, he soared to international prominence with multiple songs, including his breakthrough songs “Never Gonna Give You Up,” “Together Forever,” and “Whenever You Need Somebody.” He took a break before returning to music full-time six years later, in the 2000s.

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Rick Astley Halloween Costume Ideas

Rick Astley is best known for his smash “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but he didn’t stop there! Though Astley had numerous successful tracks that charted in the UK and the US over the years, he is most known these days for rick-rolling. This guy was on fire when he was younger! We all remember Astley’s boy next door look, and now you can have it too! With this Rick Astley costume guide, you’ll be able to rickroll everyone this Halloween.

Cosplay Rick Astley’s outfit by wearing a white collared shirt, a striped crew neck sweater, a two-button black blazer, pleated front trousers with a leather bridle belt, and brown slip-on shoes. Finally, get a Microphone Head and a Microphone Stand to perform Never Gonna Give You Up.

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Cosplay Clothes for Rick Astley

Rick Astley’s most well-known appearance is from his 1987 music video, Never Gonna Give You Up! This look is instantly recognisable from the renowned Rickroll video, which has hundreds of millions of views on YouTube! With amusing cosplay, you’ll be able to prank everyone around you on Halloween. Some of the items you may already own, so look for a white collared shirt, striped sweater, belt, trousers, and a pair of simple brown shoes. To save money on the microphone stand and head, you can get a fake one online!

While Astley went on to become a solo performer, you can easily transform this look into a group cosplay! Other popular online memes to dress up as include Ermahgerd Gersberms Lady, Apple Pen Pineapple Pen Man, and Salt Bae. We’d love to see a picture of your finished costume, and you could end up in the Rick Astley costume gallery!

Agent Peggy Carter's Costume

Agent Peggy Carter Costume

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