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Back by popular demand! Introducing The Wiz! In tonight’s premiere of NBC’s revival of the Broadway show-turned-cult movie favorite, they cast everyone from Queen Latifah to Uzo Aduba as Glinda the Good Witch, including Queen Latifah as The Wiz. This new production will probably mark another cultural milestone, much like the original in 1975, which debuted in New York with an all-black cast and eye-catching costumes by Geoffrey Holder. Shanice Williams, a 19-year-old newcomer, promises to make an impression with her Dorothy. 

Still, I have to wonder if anything could ever replace Diana Ross in a pair of Miu Miu-like metallic block-heeled pumps with, well, ease.

Item Description

According to our wardrobe plot, the costumes needed for the production are as follows. I meant this to give you a feel for costume styles and the necessary costume changes. These costumes are available in standard adult sizes. However, enormous and small sizes may not be available. We do not list specific fabrics and colors due to new designs or availability in stock (except where noted). There may be differences between accessories and styles.

Scarecrow costume made from patchwork

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Scarecrow costume made from patchwork

  • Polyester fabric and polyurethane foam are 100% polyester
  • An outfit that looks like a shirt and pinafore in one piece.
  • With elastic waistbands and cuffs on the sleeves, this pullover dress has an easy fit
  • patterned front and back
Scarecrow costume from the Wizard of OZ
Scarecrow costume from the Wizard of OZ

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Scarecrow costume from the Wizard of Oz 

  • Printed straw top with long sleeves pull on brown pants, diploma, hooded headpiece with gathered neckline, and hat
  • It’s important to know that costumes are not sized like apparel; please refer to Rubie’s child-size chart in images, reviews, and Q & A for best fit, and do not buy based on your clothing size.
  • For groups/families, Rubies has child, adult, and pet-sized Wizard of Oz costumes. Choose from Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Rubie’s is family-owned, family-focused, and based in the U. S. Rubie’s offers classic and licensed costumes and accessories in sizes and styles for everyone.


Enjoy Diana Ross and Michael Jackson in the yellow-brick road musical The Wiz! Embark on a trip into the enchanting wonderland of Oz with Dorothy, where she meets the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion. Lena Horne, Richard Pryor, Nipsey Russell, and Ted Ross are among the all-star cast of The Wiz, produced by legendary producer Quincy Jones. It’s an experience of the Land of Oz unlike anything else you’ve seen before, with a digitally remastered picture and an unforgettable soundtrack in 5.1 surround sound!

Stylish and classic 

This movie has received some negative reviews, and that in itself is humorous. The black cast of this show is still a favorite of mine to this day. It’s a great message. My black history class watches the movie every year and we discuss and compare it.

Interestingly, I will get different responses, which gives me an idea of how much has changed since then and how important family is. The movie has not been nap-inducing for any students, although many have requested watching it again after watching it. You may not have understood the movie’s concept if you can’t relate to the character, but the inner city youth I know can. Such experiences would be pleasant to have more often.

Women Dorothy Dress Hair Bows by Rubies Costume

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The female lead is substantial.

This film has enhanced my understanding of life with prominent families and their holidays. The holidays aren’t shared with my family, and I celebrate them alone. Music numbers and costumes are among the film’s highlights. Diana Ross portrays emotions through her songs. In addition to watching and listening to other films, she will also follow artists.

Magic Of Oz Secret Wishes Dorothy Costume
Magic Of Oz Secret Wishes Dorothy Costume

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Taking the Wizard of Oz movie theme in a unique direction

Watching The Wiz film was very uplifting for me. Dorothy is played very movingly and heartfeltly by Diana Ross. The story of Dorothy in this film ends with her unexpectedly embarking on a journey that affects her and those she encounters along the way (such as Michael Jackson’s Scarecrow character). 

Seeing this movie as a writer was enjoyable. The story featured a unique take on the Wizard of Oz theme (such as various dancers and models in the film, Lena Horne as the fairy godmother, and much more details that make the Wiz film worth seeing).

That’s odd, even for satire.

To watch this was about as painful as seeing an actual introverted teenager endure being bullied and treated poorly for four years without realizing they were being recorded. Watching it was like watching a sock filled with quarters be beaten. The premise, the reason, and the character development of the King of Pop kept me watching. Younger crowds would more appreciate it.

The cast and costumes consist of the following:

  1. Dorothy was wearing a white dress and red sash.
  2. Aunt Em wore a cardigan sweater and an apron.
  3. COVERS: Flannel shirt, straw hat, flannel coveralls.
  4. An ax, silver unitard, a tin body.
  5. A lion wears fur pants, a tan shirt, a fur jacket, feet, and gloves.
  6. The evidence consists of a red/black/purple gown, an oversized collar, and a large headpiece.
  7. The gown and the headpiece belong to Glinda.
  8. Glinda’s styled costumes for quadlings.
  9. Glinda’s styled costumes for quadlings.
  10. FEZ, vest, colorful skirts, hoopskirts, and colored skirts.
  11. THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD: Yellow pants and a tails jacket trimmed with gold.
  12. Crow costumes, masks that have a stylized appearance
  13. Assorted green costumes and hats for citizens.
  14. Dark robes and a headpiece for Lord High Underling.
  15. Stylized, ragged costumes are the hallmark of THE WINKSIES.
  16. The messenger wears a uniform and a cap.
  17. The wings of a winged monkey are attached to a fursuit, vest, and hat.

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Further photographs may be added, but we cannot provide any more in the meantime. Legitimate theater companies can only purchase costumes for this show.

Kim possible ron stoppable costume

Ron Stoppable’s costume is easy to recreate, a piece of great news for fans of Kim Possible. Halloween costume party scenes will be mixed in a fun way! A blacktop and gray cargo pants are necessary for the costume.

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