Adam and Barbara Maitland Beetlejuice Costume for Halloween 2023

Adam and Barbara Maitland live in a beautiful Victorian house as newlyweds. The simple pleasures of life were quite enjoyable to them. They are friendly, and the only thing lacking is a child. But, unfortunately, their lives were cut short after they were both killed in a car accident and Lydia Deetz bought their home. For more information, go to Adam and Barbara Maitland Beetlejuice Costume for Halloween.
Adam’s favorite outfits are black and white plaid shirts and khaki pants. Barbara loves the floral button-down dress she is wearing. Their other problem is that they are now creepy monsters and dead. You can find everything you need to look like Adam and Barbara Maitland here.

Adam and Barbara Maitland Beetlejuice
Adam and Barbara Maitland Beetlejuice

How to make Adam Maitland Costume

Adam Maitland Red Shirt

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The plaid shirt worn by Adam is underneath a plain red shirt that is worn underneath the plaid shirt.

Adam Maitland Black and White Plaid Shirt

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Adam’s plaid shirt may seem like something out of the ordinary, but it has now become a part of his iconic look.

Adam Maitland Khaki Pants

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Nothing is more stylish than Adam’s khaki pants, teamed with a black leather belt he wears around his waist.

Adam Maitland Adam Mask

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If you want to become Adam’s monster version, wear this Adam mask if you want to look like him.

How to make Barbara Maitland Costume

Barbara Maitland Floral Button Down Dress

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Even though Barbara prefers simple and comfortable clothing, her floral dress is both simple and comfortable simultaneously.

Barbara Maitland Barbara Mask

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With this creepy mask, you can become Barbara’s monster version.

Barbara Maitland Handbook for the Recently Deceased

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You might find this helpful handbook as a guide to the world of the dead when you visit the afterlife.

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Barbara Maitland Barbara Mask

About Adam and Barbara Maitland

The characters of Adam Maitland and Barbara Maitland were played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, respectively.

Please find out more about Adam and Barbara Maitland and other Beetlejuice characters on these sites: As portrayed by Tim Burton in the 1988 movie Beetlejuice, Barbara and her husband Adam Maitland are simple people who would rather stay at home and decorate their Victorian house instead of traveling. However, during a routine drive from town, Barbara swerves to avoid a dog, killing the couple both. As soon as they learn that they have passed away, they learn their house has been sold to new owners, the Deetz family. With their newly discovered shapeshifting abilities, Adam and Barbara try to scare the new owners out of their house, but to no avail.

Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice, who plays the Deetz family’s consultant, makes things interesting. “Bio-exorcist” doesn’t perform as expected due to his wild and obnoxious nature. Not just for Halloween, but any season! Hilarity ensues! A huge critical and commercial success, Beetlejuice is still a well-loved film over 30 years later. Tim Burton also produced an animated television series following the movie.

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Cosplay costumes for Barbara Maitland

To scare the living daylights out of the Deetzes, the Maitlands and Beetlejuice pull all kinds of scary tricks. All hell breaks loose when things don’t go according to plan to scare the new homeowners. Disgruntled with the obnoxious Beetlejuice’s behavior, the Maitlands reconsider his services, but the persistent Beetlejuice persists. Barbara Maitland is a new ghost trying to figure out what is happening. Despite her curly hair, floral print dress, and simple flats, she looks ordinary. Adding a scary mask and Handbook For The Recently Deceased will give her a ghostly look.

In addition to Barbara Maitland, there are several great cosplay options from Beetlejuice. Of course, the obvious choice is Beetlejuice, but you can also choose Adam Maitland or Lydia Deetz.

Halloween Costume Guide for Barbara Maitland

The 1988 movie Beetlejuice depicts Barbara Maitland, played by Geena Davis, and her husband, Adam Maitland, who is killed in a tragic car accident. As ghosts, the couple tries to make sense of their new existence as resurrected spirits. They work with Beetlejuice, their newfound “bio-exorcist” and consultant from the Netherworld, to frighten off the new owners. Despite being more than 30 years old, the comedy horror movie is still a Halloween classic. With this Barbara Maitland costume guide, you can get the look of the former Victorian homeowner.

At the next comic con or Halloween party, dress up like Barbara Maitland to thrill and shock everyone. Dress as Beetlejuice Barbara and wear a Party Dress, Ballet Flats, and Long Curly Wig as part of her cosplay. Also, bring a copy of the Handbook For The Recently Deceased.


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