David Bowie Life on Mars Costume 2023 (David Bowie’s Iconic ‘Life on Mars?’ Look into a Halloween Costume)

We lost David Bowie in January 2016, one of the most loved, creative, and inspirational individuals of all time. It would be unfair to call him just a musician without taking into account his unique fashion style. In the same vein, to refer to him as a rock star would not do justice to his acting career. Wherever he went and whatever he did, David Bowie’s clothes, as well as David Bowie himself, left an impression. So we’ve chosen one of his most iconic looks to transform into a Halloween costume. In the “Life on Mars?” video, he wore a blue suit with orange hair. Read on for more information!

During David Bowie’s performance, he wore an outfit.

This groovy costume calls for a suit as the first item of clothing. A powder blue suit should have a slim fit and be relatively thin. You can easily replicate David Bowie’s style by buying a replica of his claim, which usually includes the shirt and tie that will also be required.

David Bowie Life on Mars Costume
David Bowie Life on Mars Costume

First Class Slim Fit Suit for Boys in Black and Bianco.

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Rock Star Magician

David Bowie Wig – David Bowie Hairstyle

In the Life on Mars music video, David Bowie has a somewhat unconventional hairstyle. In reality, many people are unlikely to be able to replicate the musician’s style here. Buying and wearing a ginger wig in a mullet style would be the easiest way to copy this hairstyle.

Adult British Popstar Wig Costume Adventure

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  • Avoid heating your wig! Synthetic fiber is used instead of human hair for this wig set. Avoid heating!

Rock Star Spiked Wig by Ruby’s Costume

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Face painting of David Bowie

The singer has his face whitened throughout the Life on Mars music video. So your makeup for your David Bowie costume should start with a light layer of white face paint.

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Clown White Mehron Makeup Professional Makeup

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Using David Bowie’s eyeshadow

Putting on David Bowie’s makeup around his eyes is the last step in making your fancy dress. First, the tops and lids of your eyes must be outlined with eyeshadow. If you use eyeshadow, it should be blue and have a shimmery effect.

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Dresses for men – 

Michael Fish’s Man Dress, which Bowie wore to promote his androgynous appearance, was his first attempt at gender-bending and exploitation of his androgynous appearance. A photo of Bowie wearing the Man Dress appeared with the U.K. publication of The Man Who Sold The World, and he wore it extensively on his first promotional tour to the United States in 1971.

Let’s craft a few things! We used black gaffer tape on those big boys to get the most authentic-looking boots to match his kicks in the video. Make sure that there’s some silver showing, too! Are you still up for tape? Awesome! The tie should be red and white with one line on each side. Simple. Completed. Next, cosmetics and hair! You can choose between two hairstyles for the makeup tutorial below (phew! ). The red joker wig is also the right color and cut, but not the right color. Aaaaaaand, we have the Carol Brady, but it’s the wrong color. Your pony’s up to you, going. With decided to go with the blonde wig, cut it up slightly for the mullet style, and sprayed it 

In Life on Mars, what kind of suit did David Bowie wear?

This turquoise “ice-blue” suit was designed by Bowie’s go-to fashion designer (as well as his lover and protege) from 1970 to 1974, and it appears in his May 1973 music video for “Life On Mars.” Watch it here.

Who designed David Bowie’s costumes?

In addition to being featured on the cover of Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), Bowie wore the Blue Clown, or Pierrot, in the video for his “Ashes to Ashes” album.

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