7 Best Barbara Holland Stranger Things Costume for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Barb Holland is Nancy Wheeler’s best friend on the show Stranger Things. She appears on the screen briefly but makes a big impression when she does. She’s the typical awkward character, but something about her makes her a fan favorite. She has a good head on her shoulders, and it’s clear that she keeps her best friend’s life on track. She only shows up a few times in the first few episodes before she disappears. The other characters don’t seem too worried about her disappearance. They act like she just ran away. Only her best friend, Nancy, appears to be thinking about where she might have gone. Overall, she is a character who shows how many of us felt when we were in high school.

Barbara Holland Stranger Things Costume
Barbara Holland Stranger Things Costume

How to Make a Barbara Holland Costume or How to Dress Like Barb Holland

Barb Holland Frilly Plaid Shirt

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Put on this fantastic checkered shirt with frills in the style of Barb Holland.

Barb Holland Light washed Denim High Waist Mom Jeans

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Remember to roll the bottom of those amazing high-waisted mom jeans before you wear them.

Barb Holland Blue Puffed Jacket

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Put on this blue puffer jacket over your shirt to keep the warmth and look stylish.

Barb Holland Brown Loafers

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The plain pair of loafers that Barb has are pretty irresistible.

Barb Holland Retro-inspired Glasses

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Wear a pair of eyeglasses with a throwback design to channel your inner 1980s, Hawkins.

Barb Holland Brown Angled-Cut Wig

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You should cut your hair short and use a brown wig to imitate Barb’s look.

Barb Holland Costume Set

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Instead of shopping for each item on the list, consider purchasing this costume set.

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About Barb

Shannon Purser played the part of Barbara Holland. Purser became famous after her role in Stranger Things. Since then, she has been in popular TV shows like Riverdale and starred in her own Netflix movie, Sarah Burgess is a Loser.

Visit these websites to learn more about Barb and the other Stranger Things characters:

Barbara’s life is short in the story and on the screen. But along the way, she did touch the hearts of millions of people. She was seen as a representative of her group. She was intelligent, tall, and curvy but wasn’t popular at school.

In short, Barb was just like every other high school student. And that made the tragedy of her death even worse. The way Barb dresses is a breath of fresh air. She wears simple mom jeans with a high waist, brown loafers, a cool plaid top with frills, and great glasses. She’s a true star! Barb shows that mainstream media can have attractive plus-size women who don’t have to be comic relief or sexy stars. Here’s what you need to do to look like Barb.

Best Barb Holland Halloween Costume Guide

Look just like Barbara “Barb” Holland, played by Shannon Purser in the Netflix show Stranger Things and is Nancy Wheeler’s best friend. When Barb goes missing, as Will Byers did, Nancy and Jonathan Byers work together to find her. Get Barb’s cosplay to look with a Curly Wavy Women’s Party Wig, a Lauren Jeans Co. Plaid Ruffled Shirt, High Waist Straight Leg Boyfriend Jeans, Crystal Brown Plastic Reading Glasses, and Women’s Softsole Suede Moccasins. You can get Barb’s accessories with a Casio Women’s Watch with White Band and a Mead Trapper Keeper. Follow the Fake Freckles Makeup Video instructions and use Maybelline Brash Blue Color Tattoo to make your makeup look like Barb’s.

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Barb Holland Costumes for Cosplay

Do you want to make a statement as the quirky and likable Barb Holland? Well, these are the things you’ll need to make a costume that will make people talk about you in a good way, at least until you and a few friends run off into the woods later that night. Even though Barb doesn’t stay on the show for long, you can always dress up as her with her best friend, Nancy. If you want to stand out, have a friend dress up as one of the monsters that took her away. If you’re going to dress like Barb, you’ll need a few key pieces, like boyfriend jeans with straight legs, a plaid ruffled shirt, a white watch, suede moccasins, and brown reading glasses. If you need to figure out how she looks, it might help to get a red wig and blue contacts. You can also find some tutorials on how to make cute freckles on your face online. With this costume, you’ll look just like Barb in no time!

Remember to look at some of the photos on our site to get ideas, and send us some of your own. If you’re interested, send us some photos, especially if you did a Stranger Things group cosplay, so we can see how it turned out.

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