10 Best Bulma Dragon Ball Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

The second most frequently seen character in the Dragon Ball series is Bulma. She has been in every episode of the show and is also the most important female character. Bulma is an excellent gizmo maker, Goku’s first-ever buddy, and Vegeta’s wife.
Bulma has changed her appearance the most out of all the characters in the program. She is sporting a pink t-shirt dress, blue sneakers, and her trademark teal hair with a red hair ribbon for this ensemble. Everything you need to appear like Bulma is provided below. To complete your Bulma look, you can add a pair of round blue sunglasses and carry a capsule corp bag, which is her iconic accessory. With these final touches, you’ll be able to perfectly embody Bulma’s unique style and charm. Not only does Bulma’s fashion sense evolve throughout the series, but her hairstyle also undergoes various transformations. From her initial shoulder-length hair to her iconic short bob, Bulma’s ever-changing hairstyles reflect her adventurous and bold personality. By adding a wig or styling your hair in one of Bulma’s signature looks, you can truly capture her dynamic character and complete your transformation into the iconic Dragon Ball character.

Bulma Dragon Ball Costumes
Bulma Dragon Ball Costumes

How to Dress Like Bulma

Bulma Pink T-Shirt Dress 

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The plain pink t-shirt dress is Bulma’s favorite thing to wear. Be sure to print the word “BULMA” on the front of your shirt.

Bulma Nude Opaque Tights 

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Since Bulma doesn’t appear to be wearing any bottoms, it’s probably a good idea for her to put on a pair of opaque nudist tights instead.

Bulma  Brown Belt

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To draw attention to your waist, accentuate it by wrapping a brown belt around it and clipping a blue pouch to it at the same time.

Bulma Purple Leg Warmers

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As a replacement for Bulma’s loose socks, you can wear leg warmers that are purple.

Bulma Blue Sneakers

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The most comfortable shoes for Bulma to wear are a pair of blue and white trainers.

Bulma Purple Scarf

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To complete her look, Bulma adorns herself with a violet scarf, which she wraps around her neck.

Bulma Brown Gloves

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One of Bulma’s hands is protected by a single brown glove that she always keeps on.

Bulma Teal Wig with Bangs

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Put your emerald wig in a high ponytail and adorn it with a bright red hair bow to complete the look.

Bulma Full Costume Set

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Have a limited amount of time? Rather than that, pick up this complete costume!

Bulma Yellow Costume Set

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With this costume set, you also have the option of wearing a different costume that is based on the Bulma character.

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About Bulma

Hiromi Tsuru, a Japanese actress, provided Bulma with her voice from 1986 until 1989, and she did it again in 2015. Bulma, who is a brilliant scientist, is the daughter of Dr. Briefs, the founder of Capsule Company, and Panchy, his wife. In addition to being an innovator, she also has engineering under her belt. Her innovations play an important part in the battle, and many victories have been attributed to her exceptional intelligence, even though she is not an intimidating figure physically. Yet, having a high IQ does not automatically make one a good person. Bulma is conceited and pampered, and the fact that she is beautiful gives her a sense of entitlement that is entirely her own.

The volatile mother of Bulla and Trunks, Bulma is also married to Vegeta and is a member of the Saiyan race. When things don’t go the way she wants them to, she frequently lashes out at the people around her, just like a child would. She has a pathological preoccupation with maintaining her cleanliness and becomes irascible when she is prevented from taking a relaxing bath or restocking her assortment of beauty supplies. Her dogged determination is both a strength and a weakness, but on a good day, she will be able to capitalize on it and realize all of her ambitions. Even though she is selfish, she is friendly and helpful to other people, and when she is with her family, she is outgoing and humorous.

Top Bulma Costume Guide

Bulma is the unrivaled longest-running character in the whole meta-series, making her not just the most significant female character in the Dragon Ball manga series but also the most consequential overall. Not only is she a legendary figure, but she also possesses a look that is undeniably captivating and would be a lot of fun to cosplay as. You’ll be able to pull off Bulma’s style in no time at all if you follow our guide.

To start, you’ll need a Hair Cosplay Short Wig and a Sheer Chiffon Scarf to wrap around your neck securely. This will be our starting point. Put on a tank dress with a slim fit and accessorize with gold bangle bracelets and sterling silver round hoop earrings to complete the look. Complete the look by slipping a pair of Women’s Trendy Slouch Socks into a pair of Women’s Canvas Lace Up Sneakers.

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Costumes de Bulma de Cosplay

The stunning and brilliant Bulma has been seen in a variety of guises in addition to the one we mentioned earlier. In addition to the well-known bunny outfit, she has been in public wearing a cropped white t-shirt paired with a red neck scarf and a snug pair of trousers. We strongly suggest that you wear her pink clothing with her name written across the front of it if you are looking for a look that is easier to recognize. Serious followers will accessorize her signature look by donning a red bow, purple stockings, and teal trainers.

The character Bulma from Dragon Ball would be easily recognizable even if she was dressed provocatively provided that her signature short baby blue hair was maintained. If you are part of a larger group, we highly recommend that you add Vegeta to your costume so that you can cosplay as a couple. Some well-known characters from this lengthy series, such as Nova Shenron, Gotenks, Kid Buu, as well as Goku, are a few options that are deserving of consideration. Make sure you check out our featured photographs for additional fashion inspiration and don’t forget to send in your very own photos!

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