3 Best Booga Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Booga, who appears in the film Tank Girl, is a member of the Rippers. A troop of mutated kangaroos that were the result of a scientist named Johnny Prophet’s experiment. It was his endeavor to construct the perfect supersoldier. Before his alleged “reincarnation,” Booga was a dog. It is worth noting that Booga is a huge fan of Dame Edna. This tenacious kangaroo also has a hidden skill since he is recognized for impersonating Bill Clinton. Booga follows Tank Girl wherever she goes and performs everything she says. Even if it means murdering someone.
Considering all of the fascinating characters in this film, cosplaying with Tank Girl would be an obvious group pick. But it would be a lot of fun for you and your friends to dress up as Booga and the Pemphigus Scooter Club Gang Boys at the next Cinema Con!

Booga Costumes
Booga Costumes

How to Make a Booga Costume 

Booga Costume Multicoloured Bandana

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Bamboo fiber naturally resists bacteria and odor. They won’t smell after lengthy use. Durable, soft, and stretchy, they accommodate all head sizes.

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Booga Costume Cotton T-Shirt

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With every wash, the lightweight cotton blend gives off exceptional softness.

The moisture-wicking technology of Dri-Power keeps you cool and dry.

Odor protection keeps the fabric fresh, and UPF 30+ protects against damaging UV rays.

Booga Costume Cotton Dress Socks

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Available in white, black, grey, pink, red, burgundy, purple, lilac, brown, yellow, army green, green, yellow-green, lime, navy, royal blue, turquoise, and orange.

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These silky, soft-feeling plain socks can brighten up any ensemble and are appropriate for every season. This eye-catching item puts a modern spin on a classic look that is appropriate for a variety of settings, including formal events as well as everyday casual wear.

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About Booga

In the 1995 movie Tank Girl, Jeff Kober played the mutant kangaroo character named Booga. The Tank Girl character from comic books also serves as an inspiration for him. According to Booga’s movie bio, he was formerly a successful toy inventor of “things Santa would’ve sacrificed a reindeer for.” Nonetheless, he is now Tank Girl’s loyal lover. Booga is depicted as having a deviant personality as well as a sexual longing for Tank Girl. They have a relationship that is more than just friendship, and they are both drawn to each other.

In fact, one of the comics indicates that they have a love child as a result of their connection. In contrast to his fellow Rippers, though, Booga was a dog before being resurrected. The film’s Booga is ultimately portrayed as gentler, more kind-hearted, and less violent than in the comics.

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The Best Booga Costume Guide

Prepare to huff and puff as a mutant kangaroo takes over the big screen in the 1995 sci-fi comedy Tank Girl. Enter the scene and say hello to Booga, played by Jeff Kober, Tank Girl’s devoted boyfriend. The antihero lady first encountered Booga when he crept into her tank one night to steal a pair of her underpants as part of his initiation ceremonies into the Pemphigus Scooter Club Gang Boys. Using this Booga costume guide, you may have the look of Tank Girl’s boyfriend.

If you’ve ever wanted to cosplay as a mutated kangaroo created to be a super soldier, then dress up as Booga with an Animal Head Mask, a cotton t-Shirt, Cargo Shorts, Cotton Dress Socks, a Chuck Taylor High Top, a fake cigar, and a multi-colored Bandana.

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