Taking time to think about Halloween costumes now will never be a bad idea! I have gathered 19 easy DIY adult costumes to inspire you. Which part is your favorite? Simple supplies that you may have on hand or can purchase at the store are often used to make these easy costume ideas—Posterboard, glowsticks, junk mail, clear packing tape, glowsticks, and a red scarf.


What song do you know called “YMCA”? There they are, the Village People. There are six different characters you can choose from for this easy DIY group costume. What is the best part of the movie? Most of the costume components are likely to be at your disposal. A construction worker, policeman, cowboy, Indian, army, or leatherman costume are all quick choices.

easy fancy dress ideas for adults

Dress up as a banana

That’s funny, haha 🙂

We spend years figuring it out, but we still don’t know why banana costumes are so funny. But, of course, you’d be foolish not to buy one at this price, given that they have them.

Ears of a cat

Halloween is never complete without a black cat. With items you probably already have, you can put this easy costume together in no time. Black eyeliner, black paint, and a black shirt are all you need to make these cute DIY cat ears.


You think That’s cool ha…

Location t-shirts, cameras, hats, fanny packs, white socks, sneakers, and a peace sign are essential items for this costume. It would be fun to see all these tourists at once!

Costumes for horses and cowboys

We suggest these inflatable horses and cowboy fancy dress outfits if you want a costume that combines both.

For those who don’t know, the inflatable horse is not the man. However, the set comes with a cowboy hat which compensates for not getting a full-size inflatable figure included.


With a rainbow unicorn costume, you can go old school for Halloween. This sticker was inspired by Lisa Frank stickers, which were all over the place in the ’90s. Make this costume colorful and sparkly by adding everything you have.


There is no better Bob Ross costume for you if you have a beard! All you need is a button-down shirt, jeans, wig, and a cardboard paint palette… (If you don’t have a beard, check out this wig/ beard combo!) 

Fantasies of soldiers

Once you’ve purchased this, you need a cheap green t-shirt (and a pair of green trousers if you want to go all out) and some face paint, and voila! You’re in the army!

As Julie with the average head points out, those sunglasses are of low enough quality to not double as sunglasses.

Gina Michele

Make your own stylish lace bunny ears inspired by Gina Michele’s tutorial to create a quick Halloween costume. A simple and spooky bunny costume can be created with a black outfit and these shoes. You might be able to use faux fur to play up the bunny theme if you have something with it.


Even if you’re not Kate Middleton, you can dress up like a princess for a day. The easiest way to create the princess look is to invest in a fancy dress crown and wear your most beautiful, princess-like dress. Costume shops, online retailers, or even toy stores sell fancy dress crowns!

You can have a little more fun with your princess costume by dressing up as a Disney princess or dressing up with a friend or your partner as Prince Charming and going together.

A pearl choker, for example, is an excellent piece of regal jewelry for this look. Stay away from heavy makeup, but wear minimal eye makeup and red lipstick.

A Blooming Collection of Trinkets

The Trinkets in Bloom blog has a steampunk costume that will stun your friends this Halloween. For a style all its own, steampunk blends retro and futuristic designs. Corsets and top hats are some of the influences from the Victorian era.


An extra round belly is created by plaid pants, a belt, a large jacket, a funky hat, and a pillow. I couldn’t think of an easier grandpa costume! Bonus points if you include Grandma.

Robbers who steal from banks

T-shirts with white and black stripes, pants, masks, pillowcases with money signs, and black markers. Boom! It is also fun to dress up as police and bank robbers if you hold a navy jacket.

Khaki Trench Coat

What happened to Wally? Costumes for fancy occasions.

God knows how Wally (or Waldo, as Americans tend to call him) can keep such a conspicuous outfit hidden, but he does it so well that no one can question it. Keeping your distance from someone at a party is the perfect fancy dress idea.

Beautiful Mess

Use this creative costume tutorial to recreate the white swan dress Björk wore at the 73rd Academy Awards. The dress made its debut more than a decade ago, but it has since become a part of pop culture. For those who do not understand it, you can tell them you’re a swan.


As a vampire, you’re going to dress in black, dark red, and dark purple. You’d tend to dress as a fairy or princess in more delicate colors, whereas you’d wear lighter colors as a princess. My opinion is that what makes the perfect vampire dress is a tight, lacy dress in black. For the vampire look, longer dresses are more effective than shorter ones. Think Morticia Addams with teeth.


Providing you have all the supplies on hand, this is the perfect quick costume. To do this, you’ll need black pants, dark-colored shirts, glow sticks, and clear packing tape. In only a few minutes, the assembly is complete! While this costume looks awful in the light, it looks amazing in the dark!

Fantasizing about beer bottles

Sturminster, we all love this American-style lager. So the “lord of lager” (they said it, not us) would be the perfect costume to wear to the next party, right? We certainly won’t.

There’s no better way to be on-message at a party than dressing as beer if you’re looking for a simple fancy dress idea.

Bringing Shrimp Salads to the Circus

Shrimp Salad Circus creates this impressive DIY cactus costume that is sure to impress your friends. This costume has neon lights that will keep you glowing throughout Halloween night. In addition, you can wear clothes you already own.


Miming is a lot of fun, and there is no doubt it will lead to some interesting comedy sketches. While you can, of course, personalize this look, all you need to wear is black shorts/trousers on your bottom half, along with a black and white stripey top.

 For added effect, you might also want to paint your face white and wear black face paint to exaggerate your features.

Celebrate love with a party

It’s still fun to dress up as a ringmaster, even if Ringling Bros. is long gone. A group costume theme like this would be great. There are plenty of circus animals, a clown, and the ringmaster to include.


It’s interesting to note that Ch, Ch, Chia Chia Pets were developed in 1977! You only need to buy a black shower cap and glue fake greenery to the top of it to create this affordable and adorable costume. Check out this link for more information. 

Dress up as a clown

A mimic costume should be able to mimic well, so we shouldn’t be surprised at that.

You may be shy, or perhaps you might not like the people at the party, so this fancy dress costume will be the perfect excuse to keep quiet.

Beautiful indeed

According to Lovely Indeed, dressing up as a 1950s soda jerk for Halloween is the perfect way to go retro this Halloween. You will need just a white shirt, a white bow tie, and a white hat. Also, make sure you have an ice cream scoop on hand or another prop that fits the theme.


If you watched the Smurfs cartoons as a child or with your children, you probably have fond memories of them, no matter where you’re from or when you were younger. Finally, we have good news that we have discovered how easy it is to dress up as a little blue guy. Even though dressing up as a Smurf might not be the best choice for those with sensitive skin, it is quite simple to do. A cheap white dress is all you need (it should be old or inexpensive) and some blue body paint.

Persia Lou

Were you looking for a costume for your Halloween soiree? Wear this sophisticated masquerade mask with a cocktail dress or suit from Persia Lou. With a little black yarn, you can crochet easily.


In addition to the scrunchie and friendship bracelets, you will need baggy tie-dye tops, shorts, and sandals perfect for the VSCO girl costume. Using disposable cameras, drinking Hydro Flask water canisters, and following health fads are all part of a VSCO girl’s lifestyle. 

How do you come up with good fancy dress ideas?
This easy costume idea fits squarely into the category of easy costume ideas since neon never goes out of style and is always a bright idea (pun intended). Twenty-four. Dress up as a lifeguard.

Can adults dress up for fancy dress parties?
Whether you’re planning a Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any other fancy dress costume party or event, we’ve compiled a list of insane fancy dress party ideas for adults that are sure to inspire.

In what categories do fancy dress costumes fall?
Our five categories of homemade fancy dress are below, and a selection of homemade costumes for adults & kids. In addition, we have selected a selection of pictures of homemade costumes below in all categories to give you even more ideas.

What are the best places to find cheap fancy dress clothes?
As soon as you have your wig, you’ll only need to visit your local charity shop and pick up some cheap clothes. In addition to saving money on a fancy dress costume, you’ll also be helping an important cause! A sumo costume, as described in its product description, can turn someone into sumo instantly.

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