How to Dress Like Nero from Devil May Cry 5 in 2024

Nero is a character in Devil May Cry who hunts demons. After joining the Devil May Cry team as a Holy Knight in the Order of the Sword, he became a member of the Order the Sword. Despite working with the Order, he does not adhere to its religious beliefs and generally rebels against its rules. His job is essential to him, and he is high-strung. Although he takes time to get to know people, some may call him antisocial.
Due to Nero’s hybridity, he possesses demonic traits. As a result of his combination, he has abilities that help him in battle, even though he is not necessarily in need of them. For example, he often carries a gun but is also skilled with a sword. Nero Costumes include grey T-shirts, Burgundy knit sweaters, short hair wigs, right-hand gloves, tactical boots, and a blue rose revolver for fighting demons like Nero. How to Dress Like Nero from Devil May Cry 5

How to Dress Like Nero from Devil May Cry 5
How to Dress Like Nero from Devil May Cry 5

Nero Jacket

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When you are putting together a Nero costume, you will need a jacket to wear as the first item of clothing you will need to wear. Even though the coat worn by Nero appears to be black, it is blue. In addition to being a reasonably long jacket, it also has a lot of pockets.

In addition to finding a replica, you’re more likely to find something that looks similar to what you’re looking for. Again, sleeves should be rolled up.

Nero Pants

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You will need a pair of black pants to complete your Nero costume. Black jeans are the easiest way to replicate the look of the pants worn by this video game character.

There should be a straight cut to these jeans to achieve the best results.

Designed with a snug fit through the hips, thighs, and legs; it sits below the waistline

  • There is a soft, durable cotton blend with a gentle stretch that makes it ideal for everyday wear
  • There is a band that sits below the waist of the garment

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Nero Red Sweatshirt

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To complete your Nero costume, a dark red sweatshirt must be worn under the jacket. If you wish, a simple dark red sweatshirt should be used, with the start holes at the bottom. In the same way, the jacket’s sleeves are rolled up, the shirt’s sleeves should also be.

It can be worn daily for sports, outdoors, parties, business meetings, interviews, work, journeys, and hiking.

Instructions for Care: Hand wash or machine wash in cold water, no bleach

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Nero Grey T-Shirt

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T-shirts should be worn under the sweatshirt you will wear for your Nero costume. Grey is the right color for this t-shirt. The t-shirt should also hang slightly lower than the sweatshirt around the neck to make it more visible around the neck.

This shirt has a double-needle collar, sleeves, and hem for long-lasting comfort and durability.

Grab-and-go wearability with pull-on closure

  • Designed with a classic fit that offers plenty of room for movement and breathability
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Nero Boots

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To make your own Nero costume, you will need a pair of black boots. Black military-style combat boots are the easiest way to duplicate the shoes of this video game character.

This boot should be worn with your pants tucked into it.

The Military Combat Boot has an overall height of 8 inches, which provides you with high ankle support when you secure the boot with the 9-eyelet lacing system (the Desert Tan eyelets are made of aluminum).

A thick, vulcanized rubber outsole with cleats on either side of the shoe provides enhanced traction while on the move

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Nero Fingerless Gloves

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When putting together your Nero costume, you will need fingerless gloves. You will only need to wear one pair of black fingerless gloves for this video game costume, so it would be best if you chose a couple of black ones. As with your right hand, this should be worn on your left hand, while a Devil Breaker will be worn on your right hand.

The thumb, index, and middle finger of the hand are fingerless, which makes it convenient to use smart devices that require fingerprint identification to unlock them.

It features a lightweight TPR wrist closure that provides lightweight protection and a seamless fit to your wrists. The perfect blend of skill and durability is offered by seamless synthetic leather made of 0.8mm.

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Nero Devil Breaker

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One of the most challenging parts of making your own Nero costume is making the Devil Breaker gloves. However, creating your own Devil Breaker is theoretically possible. Devil Breaker gloves are available for sale as replicas.

Right-handed wear is recommended for the Devil Breaker.

Nero Red Rose Gun

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Several guns are used by the Devil May Cry 5 character throughout the video game. To make your Nero costume as authentic as possible, we recommend replicating the character’s Red Rose gun as closely as possible. This requires a revolver-style weapon with a long barrel.

You may even be able to find a replica of the Red Rose gun.

Nero Wig – Nero Hair

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Lastly, you will need a short-haired gray wig to complete your Nero costume. You can dye your hair gray if you wish; if you already have gray hair, this look will be easy to achieve.

Wigs are the easiest way to achieve gray hair if you do not have gray hair.

We have a dedicated Safety team that ensures that all our products are manufactured and tested rigorously to meet the latest European and American safety regulations.

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Nero Cosplay Costumes

Since video game characters are known for having many details in their costumes, cosplayers enjoy dressing up as video game characters. Cosplayers of all levels can dress as Nero, a great feeling for new and experienced cosplayers. When you want to dress in simple business attire in an austere environment, you can simplify Nero’s outfit, but it will still have the same impact. With dark pants, boots, and a long coat, you have nearly everything you need to become Nero as long as you have them. I suggest adding a few weapons, a few straps to hold his equipment, and a robotic arm if you want to add more details. The possibilities are endless when making this costume your own, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some friends involved in a Devil May Cry cosplay? There are many other characters from the popular video game that you can invite your friends to accompany you, including Dante, Kyrie, Vergil, Credo, and Nico, as well as other popular characters. If any demons try to come your way, your Devil May Cry group will be ready for them!

There is a voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, who plays the role of Nero in the video game Devil May Cry 5. As an introduction to his character, he was first seen in the fourth game and later incorporated into the main storyline of the fifth game. After demons attack Fortuna, Nero manages to kill them all, escaping with just mild injuries to Kyrie and himself. He later finds that his injury has transformed into a demonic power but must keep it secret. Over time he learns to embrace its powers and uses its abilities in battle.

He serves on the Order of the Sword but ironically doesn’t believe in religion. However, he still participates from time to time in their practices out of respect for his friends. Nero’s cocky and rebellious nature can sometimes land him in trouble, but he works hard to defeat the evil in their world. He may not be open about his feelings, but he would do anything to protect the ones he loves.

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