Hugh Hefner costume accessories

Hugh Hefner costume accessories Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Check out Austin Powers for funny Halloween costume ideas if you’re looking for inspiration! You can choose from huge hefner costume accessories that Austin Powers wears throughout the three films. Whatever your taste, there’s a little of something here for you, whether you like Austin Powers’ blue suit or the furry pink formboard costume. Our costume shops feature unique and custom-made Hugh Hefner costume. Let’s learn more about Hugh Hefner costume accessories.

Hugh Hefner playboy Costume Ideas

Hugh Hefner costume accessories
Hugh Hefner costume

1. Adult Yacht Cap

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This cap measures 3 inches deep. A yellow emblem is pre-curved on the bill, measuring 2-1/4 inches.. The material is soft and thin. The yacht cap can be easily hand washed.

A lifesaver emblem patch distinguishes cotton yacht captains’ caps on the peak. It’s the perfect hat for any of your favorite sea captains or man of the sea costumes. You can even wear it as an accessory at Love Boat-themed parties.

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The costume accessories you have is precisely what it takes to become an Austin Powers doppelganger! But the real question is: do you have swag or black satin? I dress your package in a royal blue velour blazer? Isn’t it fun to have a collar and cuffs that are ruffled? Is there anything more iconic than Austin’s iconic playboy mansion pendant? These questions are no longer a mystery to the international community or playboy magazine! Find the perfect outfit for a far-out undercover agent in our selection of Austin Powers costumes. Our huge Hefner playboy costume depict the hilarious British spy in some of the most famous scenes throughout the movie franchise, while the coordinating accessories give any Austin Powers suit that authentic ’70s vibe. In addition to Dr. Evil costume, we also sell a comprehensive collection of Austin’s laser beam-loving nemesis adult costume. Browse this Austin Powers bunny costume page and choose the one that inspires you to dance spontaneously in the street. If you prefer, you can wear the costume accessories that grants you the option of being cloned. 

Hugh Hefner costume man

2. Austin Powers Costume with smoking jacket costume

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You have a lot in common fashion with Austin Powers if you love costume accessories, potty humor and showing off your thick chest hair. Wearing this Austin Powers costume, you’ll be able to think up (and shout out) a wide variety of double entendres and X-rated jokes with red smoking jacket. This Austin Powers Halloween costume is based on Mike Myers’ iconic blue suit from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. If you venture out on an evening filled with the jet setting, espionage, and seduction, you’ll look stunning in 1960s duds. Transform into the time-traveling spy with a swingin’ retro wig to complete your Austin Powers outfit! Would you please make your date wear a Foxxy Cleopatra huge Hefner costume accessories with our gold jumpsuit to ensure you have the grooviest couple adult costume at the party? 

3. Kids Austin Powers huge Hefner Costume

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Does your heart beat fast when you hear the words most astounding at school? Let’s say you want a cryogenic freezer, but you want a better solution. We have a perfect solution for you, and it doesn’t even require one! This Austin Powers child costume or playboy bunny costume will make you the coolest kid in your class (you get the joke, right?) Anyone wearing this velvet jacket with attached laced cuffs achieves the perfect swagger of the infamous British spy without really understanding how it works. Feel free to give it a try! You’ll be reeling in the girl’s left and right when you wear the frilly jabot and the male gender pendant necklace. With these costume accessories, shy little boys become handsome studs with cute British accents in no time.

4. Carnaby costume from Austin Powers

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Walking along Carnaby Street is always more enjoyable when done in style hat or captain hat. Take inspiration from Austin Powers. Whether shimmying, twisting, boogie boogieing, prances, and more, the raunchy secret agent keeps you on the edge of your seat, and that’s no small feat! We are not surprised that female admirers surround Mr. Powers by the end of the dance number. Your moves are guaranteed to attract an audience if they are as groovy as the international spy. Our Austin Powers Halloween costume is ideal for striding down Carnaby Street. As soon as you wear the polka-dotted shirt liner with the blue striped jacket, you’ll look fabulous. Your costume will be finished off with the included eyeglasses and ascots. An excellent set of fake teeth will also help you look more authentic. You don’t have to worry if a crowd of screaming fans is after you with the shagmobile because your loyal friend, Vanessa Kensington, huge Hefner playboy costume will help you out! 

5. Swingin’ Sixties Girl/women Costume

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The charming British spy isn’t the only one who wants a taste of her life decoration/fashion. You can also dress like the one and only Austin Powers if you want to show off your fabulous mojo! Thanks to our online store, you can easily create your very own Austin Powers girl costume. Our swingin’ sixties girl costume is composed of a dress and a white cap and features a British flag. To complete your one-of-a-kind Austin Powers costume for women, make sure you wear knee-length go-go boots and silver bangle bracelets. If you want to look more like the number one enemy of Dr. Evil, you can add a brown bob wig to the ensemble. If you look like this, you’ll even be able to trick Basil into thinking that he’s found Austin’s long-lost twin!

6. Wig worn by Austin Powers

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As an alum of The Beatles, Austin has the mop-top haircut down pat. This wig is great for women who want vintage-inspired hair without having to visit their barber. You’ll get the same ashy brown locks and shaggy cut as the spy in Austin Powers. You’ll be ready to storm into Dr. Evil’s lair once you’ve finished adding a wig cap.

7. Austin Powers Kit

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International spies don’t have a lot of time to browse for fabulous accessories. Luckily, we sell the Austin Powers Kit, which conveniently packages up every additional must-have item from the British womanizer. The kit also includes a black leatherette belt beside the brown wig, black glasses, a male symbol necklace, captain hat, black collar, mask, black satin, belt, tail, smoking jacket costume, toy, jacket, bunny ears, and fake teeth.

About Austin Powers

The comedy movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery stars Austin Powers as a world-class, international British spy. The ultimate playboy and highly notorious, he battles Dr. Evil to save the world. Austin Powers knew he must do the same thing Dr. Evil did when he entered a cryogenic chamber. Until the 1990s, he remained frozen.

When he was unfrozen, he discovered he had difficulty adapting to the current generation. There was nothing he could do to attract women or be as good a spy as her. Following the defeat of Doctor Evil and the marriage to Vanessa Kensington, Austin Powers finally learned to fit in. A pop-culture icon, Austin Powers, is portrayed by playboy magazine Mike Meyers in three huge Hefner costume accessories films. James Bond was essentially a source of inspiration for him.


This action-comedy series features the hilarious Mike Myers in eccentric costumes that evoke silliness. One of the most treacherous agents to be sent on a mission in Austin, the International Man of Mystery. However, you’ll be no less low-key in our gigolo purple Austin Powers suit or retro blue velvet suit when you become the hard-partying womanizer. In regards to Dr. Evil’s crazed foe, you can attempt to conquer the world by being a foul-mouthed Fat B*****, but only if you promise not to let off a few shots except when shooting at the bar. Goldmember fans and foxy women will enjoy our shagadelic costumes and sexy wigs that are a perfect match for the ’60s and ’70s theme. These vintage outfits are ideal for a film fancy dress party or a ’60s costume party, so get down and boogie with your special someone.

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