12 Best Uncle Si Duck Dynasty Costume for Halloween 2024

Uncle Si is not only an uncle to Jase, Willie, and Jep, but is also the twin brother of Phil and the younger brother of Silas Robertson. This Vietnam War veteran is most known for his gigantic tumbler of tea that he lugs around and the blue Tupperware glass that he drinks from as he drinks his tea. Duck Commander’sCommander’s reeds are built by Silas.
The camouflage uniform that Uncle Si wears everywhere is also legendary. In addition to the charcoal shirt he wears underneath his hunting button-up, hunting pants, brown cap, camo loafers, black socks, and aviator glasses with a black strap, he also wears a brown hat.

Uncle Si Duck Dynasty
Uncle Si Duck Dynasty

How to Make Uncle Si Costume

Charcoal Heather T-Shirt

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If you want to begin your outfit with a charcoal shirt, you should choose a plain one.

Hunting Button-Up Shirt

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Put on a camouflage-inspired button-up over your outfit and leave the buttons undone to add a layer of style.

Hunting Pants

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Make sure that your top matches a pair of hunting pants with a camo-inspired design.

Camo Loafers

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Don’tDon’t forget to wear a pair of camo loafers if you want to stick to the camo theme.

Brown Weathered Cap

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Wear a brown cap to protect your noggin from the elements.

Aviator Glasses

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For Uncle Si to be able to see clearly, he needs his glasses.

Black Eyeglass Strap

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Wearing a strap around your glasses will prevent you from losing your glasses in the future.

Gray and White Fake Mustache and Beard

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You can look more like Uncle Si if you put on a fake mustache and beard to look like him.

Black Socks

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Wearing black socks will keep your toes warm during the cold winter months.

Blue Tupperware Tumbler

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Bring along Uncle Si’sSi’s famous Tupperware tumbler if you want to make sure you have a great time.

Kid’sKid’s Full Costume Set

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With the help of this costume set, you can transform your kid into Uncle Si in no time.

Adult’sAdult’s Full Costume Set

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You don’t need to do any DIY if you have a costume set like this instead.

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About Uncle Si

Si Robertson himself played the character of Uncle Si in the television series. It is also worth mentioning that he appeared in Faith of Our Fathers, Last Man Standing and Going Si-ral. Here are some of the best deals on an Uncle Si Robertson Duck Dynasty costume for this Halloween season. There’sThere’s no doubt about it, jack, that that’s a fact! Halloween is just around the corner. How about dressing up as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty? What is the best place to buy Si Robertson costumes for Halloween at the lowest price? The page you’re looking for has been found. Although the series is losing popularity, these costumes will still be viral this year, even though the show is losing popularity. Don’tDon’t miss out on these before they sell out! Get yours now before they sell out!

You will find below a selection of great deals on costumes and accessories for a-Si Robertson Halloween costume at great prices. This page has a variety of items that you can purchase as a complete costume kit, or you can piece together your custom costume using the items listed here.

In this article, we will be taking a look at two complete costume kits that are being sold by two competing websites. 

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Duck Dynasty

From 2012 to 2017, Duck Dynasty was an American reality television series aired on A&E and was part of the Fox network. Based on the life of the Robertson family that became successful with their family-owned and operated business, Duck Commander, which they founded in their youth, the film focuses on the success they achieved through their business. This business in West Monroe, Louisiana, produces several products for duck hunters, most notably a duck call called Duck Commander, which is one of the most popular duck calls in the world. As a family, the Robertson men-brothers Phil and Si, as well as Phil’sPhil’s sons Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep-are known for their long beards and conservative, Evangelical Christian views, which is why the show is often referred to as a Christian show.

Benelli Presents Duck Commander and its spinoff, Buck Commander, previously aired on the Outdoor Channel; Outdoor Channel acquired rerun rights to Duck Dynasty in 2016.

 Fox Nation acquired streaming rights to the show in 2020; Fox Nation also released a follow-up series in 2022 called Duck Family Treasure.

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