Peely’s Fortnite Costume for Halloween 2024- How to Make Peely’s Costume

An all-yellow ensemble highlights Peely’s eye-catching costume. Adding a full-body suit to your banana suit is possible. Separate pieces, such as a sweater and pants, can be purchased to match the banana peel. Complete the look by wearing gloves and boots.
The character in this picture is Alex, one of the Peely characters from Fortnite Season 8. There are a lot of glue sticks and cardboard in it, as well as neoprene covering it. He slips in through the side opening, then Velcros the bag closes. The painting was done with acrylic paint and spray paint. Alex wears a yellow cape along with his yellow body suit. We spent 40 hours creating this costume and were well rewarded by the reactions we got from other Fortnite characters.
Creating new Halloween costumes will be a lot of fun for us, and we look forward to it. Additionally, I have included a picture of the original character so you can compare it to the costume we created.

Peely's Fortnite Costume
Peely's Fortnite Costume

Here’s how to make Peely’s Fortnite costume

Peely’s Fortnite Yellow Body Suit

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Let’s start by starting with this full bodysuit in yellow.

Peely’s Fortnite Banana Suit

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Get this banana-shaped costume if you want to dress up like a banana.

Peely’s Fortnite  Yellow Sweater

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In case you don’t want to wear a bodysuit, you can start by wearing this sweater rather than a bodysuit.

Peely’s Fortnite Yellow Pants

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These pants are the perfect match for the top you are wearing.

Peely’s Fortnite Yellow Gloves

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If you want to style the top with these gloves, you should do so first.

Peely’s Fortnite Boots

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In addition to the cosplay, you should also wear a pair of boots to complete the look.

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About Peely

Fortnite’s Peely skin is a character from the game. An Epic Outfit in Battle Royale can be rewarded if the Battle Pass Season 8 Tier 47 is completed and considered an Epic Outfit in Battle Royale. Instead of a single character, as seen in Season 8, it comes with a bunch of bananas. So when Jonesy and banana went into the rift in a Fortnite short, Banana Rift, Peely was born.

Agent Peely (outfit)

The outfit is simply the famous Peely outfit in a secret agent tuxedo, with a more menacing eyebrow and a serious-looking face based on the film series James Bond 007. In addition to the Banana Royale set parodying Casino Royale from 2006 and the outfit’s description “He has a license to peel.” parodying License to Kill from 1989, the outfit seems to make a solid connection to the 1989 Bond film License to Kill.

It is also important to point out that Agent Peely is technically a double agent because he is the only character capable of wearing both Ghost and Shadow outfits simultaneously. In contrast, all the other agents can only wear one outfit. Additionally, he is the only outfit in the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass without a challenge.

Additionally, he is the only outfit in the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass without a challenge.

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