20 Best Bill and Ted Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2023

When you first meet Bill and Ted, you won’t have any idea that they will become influential figures in the future. Despite this, they continue to slack off at school. Observing their chaotic and out-of-this-world journey back in time is therefore so amusing.
Bill and Ted embrace the informal fashion of the late 1980s in its entirety. Bill is dressed in a white cropped shirt, ripped denim, and a plaid button-down tied around his waist. Ted wears a white graphic t-shirt underneath an open black vest, a pair of black cropped joggers, and a waist-tied red zip-up jacket. Here is everything required to resemble Bill and Ted. From their colorful attire to their carefree attitudes, Bill and Ted fully embody the spirit of the late 1980s. Their fashion choices reflect their rebellious nature and love for all things unconventional. With their unique style, they effortlessly stand out from the crowd, making it impossible not to be entertained by their antics.

Bill and Ted Costumes
Bill and Ted Costumes

How to Make Bill Costume

Bill Costume White Shirt 

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Shirt in White You should get a basic white shirt and then cut it such that the middle of your midsection is exposed when you wear it.  

Bill Costume Ripped Jeans

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Rip-Stitch Jeans Put on a pair of pants with rips and holes in them, and then draw an inverted question mark on the top of your left leg. 

Bill Costume Purple Button-Down Shirt

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Shirt with purple buttons down the front Wrap this button-down shirt in purple around your waist and tie it.  

Bill Costume Red and Grey Rubber Shoes

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Shoes Made of Rubber, Both Red and Grey To cap off your getup, put on a pair of rubber shoes in red and grey hues.  

Bill Costume Curly Blonde Wig

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Wig with curly blonde hair Using this wavy and blonde wig will give you the fashionable haircut that Bill has.  

Bill Costume Bill Costume Set

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Bill Costume Set You can avoid the hassle of making your own outfit by purchasing this package instead.

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How to Make Ted Costume

Ted White Graphic Shirt

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Shirt with a White Design in It Ted likes to wear a white shirt with a graphic design underneath his vest.  

Ted Black Vest

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Black Vest Ted garbs himself in an open black vest so he can project an image of rock and roll. 

Ted Black Cropped Joggers

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Cropped Jogger Pants in Black Ted’s go-to bottoms for a laid-back style are a pair of black joggers with a cropped leg.  

Ted Red Zip-Up Jacket

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Red Jacket with Zippers Ted often wears a crimson jacket with a zip that he ties around his waist.  

Ted Red & Black High-Tops

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High-Top Sneakers in Red and Black Put the finishing touch to your Ted getup by donning a pair of high-top trainers in red and black.  

Ted Black Wig

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Black Wig Wear this wig if you don’t have hair as amazing as Ted’s natural locks.  

Ted Ted Costume Set

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Collection of Costumes for Ted No time to DIY? Instead, you should get this costume set.

About Bill & Ted

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves played the roles of Bill and Ted, respectively.

These websites contain additional information about Bill & Ted and the other characters from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

Just take a look at Bill and Ted if you want to see products of the 1980s. They are quite the partygoers, and all they appear to care about most of the time is their band, which they have been told will be successful in the future. He is not an expert in history, but he and Ted must create an outstanding presentation or he will lose Ted to military school! This is where Rufus and the time machine come in; with its assistance, they discover many things that will aid them during their challenge.

It’s endearing in a sense that Bill is a fairly simple individual, mainly because he’s not the best at understanding certain social cues. He tries his hardest to impress others, particularly those from his past, but fails the majority of the time. As he is the majority of the time, he prefers things to be laid-back and uncomplicated.

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Greatest Bill Costume Guide

Jump into a telephone booth costumed as Alex Winter’s character William “Bill” Preston Esquire from the film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Join your closest friend Ted as you travel back in time in order to pass your final oral report. With a pair of Relaxed Cargo Utility Trousers, a Hanes White EcoSmart T-Shirt, a Ben Sherman Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers, Red Shoelaces and Friendship Rope Bracelets, you can create a costume for your fantastic adventure. Utilize a Red Sharpie Permanent Marker to draw your trademark question mark on your trousers.

Cosplay Costumes by Bill

Prepare for an epic journey with this Bill-inspired costume! You needed a satisfactory grade on your final oral report, so time travel would be the most intelligent course of action, right? Well, we don’t have time to sort it out because we’re already on the move! Grab a friend dressed as your closest friend Ted and prepare for a group cosplay to the past. Don’t neglect to send us some pictures of your past fantastic adventures!

You must don a Ben Sherman long-sleeve button-down shirt, a white t-shirt, cargo utility pants, a friendship rope bracelet, a red Sharpie marker, red shoelaces and white Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers in order to prepare. Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

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