Top 10 Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmatians Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

Cruella De Vil is the primary antagonist in both the original Disney film 101 Dalmatians and its sequel. She has a cold heart and a wicked personality, and wherever she goes, a foul odour follows her. She is cruel to everyone, including her submissive husband, whom she finds distasteful, despite her immense wealth. As befits a woman of such immense wealth, Cruella de Vil wears opulent attire, her enormous white fur coat being the most recognisable item. Learn more about Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmatians.
She and Mrs. Dearly attended the same school, but it is never implied that they were friends there. She was expelled from school for consuming ink. In order to use the plush fur on Mrs. Dearly’s puppies in the fashion industry, she intends to abscond with them. When she was unable to obtain what she desired, she acted maliciously towards others, just like every other wicked person in the world. But what is her most terrifying characteristic? She never feels affection!

Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmatians
Cruella de Vil 101 Dalmatians

How to make Cruella de Vil Costume

Simply follow the methods outlined in the list provided below to recreate the appearance of the villainous Cruella de Vil.  

Cruella De Vil Black Evening Dress

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Find a black evening gown that you adore and wear it frequently. Given that you will also be donning a necklace, the option with a low neckline is strongly recommended. 

Cruella De Vil White Faux Fur Coat

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Purchase a large, white faux-fur cloak to wear over the dress.  

Cruella De Vil Long Red Gloves

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If you could locate a pair of long red satin gloves, that would be optimal.  

Cruella De Vil Red High Heels

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Pair those red gloves with a pair of red high heels for a coordinated appearance.  

Cruella De Vil Silk Clutch

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You may substitute a handbag for an evening clutch if you prefer, but you may also use a clutch if you prefer. To maintain the motif colour, you must ensure that the colour is either red, black, or white.  

Cruella De Vil Red Matte Lipstick

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Using a matte red lipstick will give your lips an eye-catching crimson hue that will highlight them.  

Cruella De Vil Costume Pearl Necklace and Earrings

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By donning a necklace and earrings made of imitation pearls, you can give the impression of greater wealth.  

Cruella De Vil Two-Tone Wig

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This is an incredibly crucial point. Purchase a black and white wig in Cruella de Vil’s design.  

Cruella De Vil Cigarette Holder

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This is not required in any form. Obtain a cigarette holder if you desire to demonstrate the character’s affluence. Throughout the course of the narrative, Cruella de Vil wears a variety of outfits, but her signature style remains consistent. Cruella De Vil’s signature style is characterised by her use of the colour palette white, red, and black, her two-toned hair (black and white), and her extravagant black dress coupled with a white fur coat, red gloves, and red high heels.

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About Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil is the primary antagonist in both the 1961 Disney animation “101 Dalmatians” and the 1996 film adaptation, both of which are based on Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians.” Betty Lou Gerson (1961) supplied the voice for Cruella De Vil, while Glenn Close (1996) is best known for her performance in the film.

Cruella de Vil is a symbol of the cruelty associated with high fashion during the time when animal furs were commonly used to create clothing. In contrast to the other Disney villainesses, Cruella De Vil is not endowed with any type of supernatural ability; rather, she is solely motivated by her vile ambition. She was born into a wealthy household and has had an unhealthy obsession with high fashion since childhood. She claims she cannot function in society without fur coats, and one of her life objectives is to fashion a fur coat from the skins of 99 Dalmatian puppies. However, she ultimately failed due to her own stubbornness and recklessness.

Finest Cruella De Vil Halloween Costume Guide

Cruella De Vil is widely regarded as one of the most memorable villains ever created by Disney. She has a part in the animated films 101 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure. Victoria Smurfit portrayed the character in the most recent season of the ABC television series Once Upon a Time. This detailed costume guide will help you accomplish Cruella de Vil’s vile appearance. To imitate her appearance, one must first deprive themselves of their essence and harden their hearts. After that, you can begin to dress as her.

Now that that is out of the way, commence by selecting a two-tone wig that complements your character perfectly. The next stage is to apply red lipstick, followed by the application of crystal-studded earrings. You will be expected to wear a sophisticated Women’s Black Dress, a Fur Coat, Elbow-Length Satin Gloves, Gray Tights, and Women’s Red Pumps to demonstrate your affluence. Moreover, you must not forget the plush Dalmatian!

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Cruella De Vil Masquerade Costumes

Cruella De Vil is widely regarded as one of the most repulsive and loathsome female Disney characters. Why? Because she harms adorable newborn Dalmatian puppies. Given the massive coat you’ll be wearing, portraying this type of character will require a high level of skill and the ability to disregard any feeling of heat. If you want the cosplay to look even more realistic, try painting a little amount of light grey on your face and applying dramatic makeup to create the appearance of a terrifying monster.

Since you are a Disney antagonist, you should gather with your friends and challenge them to masquerade as their favourite Disney antagonist. Everyone can contribute! Why not focus on the villains and ask your guests to dress as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, the Evil Queen from Snow White, or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty? That would be very entertaining! Send in a picture of yourself costumed as Cruella de Vil to inspire others.

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