Gomez Addams The Addams Family Costume for Halloween 2023 (Make Gomez Addams Costume)

While Gomez Addams may be the patriarch of the Addams family, his childish demeanor suggests otherwise. Even though he’s naive and optimistic about his endeavors, everyone loves Gomez for his overwhelming love for Morticia, his wife. This is the perfect time for us to make Gomez Addams The Addams Family.
Gomez has worn dapper suits since his debut in the 1930s. His chalk-striped dark suit remains his most iconic over the years, despite its changing pattern. Whenever he is seen with a cigar, he is also surrounded by them. To look like Gomez Addams, here’s everything you need.

Gomez Addams The Addams Family
Gomez Addams The Addams Family

How to make Gomez Addams Costume

Gomez Addams Black Striped Suit

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In what seems to be a nod to the iconic Mafia outfit, Gomez’s chalk-striped black suit is reminiscent of the style.

Gomez Addams White Dress Shirt

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In addition to his blazer, Gomez wears a plain white dress shirt underneath.

Gomez Addams Black Oxfords

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As Gomez is a lawyer, the classic black Oxford shoes would be a good choice for him to wear.

Gomez Addams Red Patterned Bow Tie

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Gomez’s patterned red bow tie is as eccentric as he is.

Gomez Addams Black Wig & Mustache

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Don’t forget to wear something similar to Gomez’s mustache, as he’s known for his mustache.

Gomez Addams Fake Cigar

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When he was five years old, Gomez started smoking and hasn’t stopped since then.

Gomez Addams Full Costume Set

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It is easier and faster to get things done quicker if you purchase a costume set if you are in a hurry.

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About Gomez Addams

Many actors have portrayed him over the years. However, Raul Julia portrayed his role in the 1991 and 1993 film adaptations. Nevertheless, the first actor who played him, John Astin, chose Gomez’s name.

Please find out more about Gomez Addams and the rest of the Addams Family at these sites: We all know Gomez Addams as the head of the Addams family household and the most childish. But, as an all-around optimistic character, you won’t catch him saying anything pessimistic. Although, sometimes, he’s too optimistic! Though his extravagant toys are a close second in importance to Morticia, he loves her more than life itself.

The most loving and fun character in The Addams Family is Gomez. He would never hurt a fly despite his skill with swords and knives! In addition, his mother forced him to start smoking cigars despite being only five years old. But, due to his belief that life should be enjoyed to the fullest, he wouldn’t change his family’s lifestyle.


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Costumes based on the Gomez Addams character

The wig, mustache, fake cigar, and black tie you need to recreate Gomez Addams’ scary look can be found at the costume shop. Next, match up Gomez Addam’s suit online to ensure you get as close as possible to his style. Finally, it is easy to find a white shirt and black dress shoes at any retail store if you don’t already own them. The time has come for your crew to come together!


Join your friends in cosplaying the Addams family! Make this solo look into a Halloween group cosplay by dressing up as Wednesday Addams, Pugsley Addams, Morticia Addams, Uncle Fester, and Lurch! Please take a picture of your Gomez costume to put together with the rest of your crew and send it to us.

Halloween Costume Guide for Gomez Addams

He can often be seen walking up and down the walls of his mansion or lying on his bed of nails as the patriarch of The Addams Family. He is funny, friendly, and very extravagant regarding his possessions, so don’t be scared by his somewhat creepy appearance. Gomez is rarely seen without a cigar, but he always swoons over Morticia, his macabre wife! Check out this Gomez Addams costume guide to get the look of the dreadful father.

With a White Button Up Shirt under a Pin Striped Costume Suit and a Slim Black Tie, you can cosplay Gomez Addams. Put on your black Oxford shoes, wig, mustache, and fake cigar! This look will make you the head of Addam’s family! With this look, you’ll look like the head of the Addam family!


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