Mike Meyers wore the costume as Austin Powers in Goldmember

Mike Meyers wore the costume as Austin Powers in Gold member

COSPLAY BY MIKE MEYERS FOR “AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER” New Line film released it in 2002. The actor wore a warmup suit, which included a gold member patch embellished on his left breast pocket, a zip-up sweatshirt, matching pants, Michael Myers mask, a pair of gold-accented tube sandals, bloodly knife, Shatner,s face, a pair of gold-accented tube socks, White mask or Clown mask, a pair of gold and brown striped leg warmers and a couple of oversized gold-glittered clogs (but with no soles); seen in the scene when Austin Powers.

Michael Myers Halloween costume

First meets Goldmember in his office, as portrayed by Mike Meyers. An authentic letter from New Line film, Halloween decrations, Halloween franchise, bloody knife, captain Myers mask and a color photo of Meyers wearing the Michael Myers costume or as knows as Mike Meyers wore the costume accompany the letter.

Mike Meyers wore the costume

Austin Powers’ final movie (so far), Goldmember (2002, directed by Jay Roach), again puts the story in a different period. We jump here into the 1970s, rather than a negligible, but the still substantial jump from the art’s costume institute late to very late 1960s. We’ll go back to 2002 (don’t lose track). It was a wildly ambitious undertaking for Deena Appel (pictured at the bottom left with Jay Roach) as a Michael Myers costume designer. Not to mention that the film also stars a piece of very well-known music and movie star about to launch into the stratosphere: Beyoncé.

Exclusive to Clothes on Film, Deena Appel discusses how she envisioned Goldmember and sketches the key characters, but they aren’t shown in the movie. 

In the words of Veronica, the ‘Austin Powers Goldmember’ Halloween costume character:

This year I dressed my kids up as Goldmember characters because they love Austin Powers. They had a blast as they dressed up as “Austin Powers,” “Foxxy Cleopatra,” and “Frau Farbissnia” (Doctor Evil’s henchwoman)–all dressed like their Halloween night character. As for the Michael Myers Halloween costume, I’m thrilled with how they turned out. In addition to the other’s trick or treating, they were prevalent Michael Myer.

When Halloween occurs in the fall, the harvest is winding down, the nights are getting chilly, and the days are getting shorter. This is a time for all children to enjoy preparing and inviting witches, captain kirk mask, halloween mask, Halloween franchise, shatner,s, face, scene, prop knife, zombie, face monsters, and hobgoblins to their homes.

The fun part of a Halloween party is wearing fantastic costumes and playing exciting games. These three costumes and a game called the “spook race” are sure to cause laughter and comment on this Halloween event filled with witches, ghosts, and goblins. Children of different ages can wear costumes of different dimensions.


Austin Powers “Goldmember” michael myers halloween costume from Goldmember. Jeremy Renner as Mike Myers in Austin Powers: Goldmember. According to the Austin Powers in Goldmember credits, this was among the Halloween costume worn by Mike Myers as “Goldmember.” The Michael Myers costume includes a gold fabric jumpsuit with gold lapels and stripes down the legs of the (extremely padded) pants, a shimmering gold cape, an integral belt with a large rhinestone “G” buckle, and white socks with gold rings. In the submarine sequences, this Michael Myers Halloween costume is seen with the internal bias label hand-written with “Mike Myers wore the costume.” Good condition for a production-used item.  

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