10 Best Agnes Despicable Me Costumes for Cosplay & Halloween 2024

Agnes has a lovely and innocent demeanor, and she was the first of her sisters to trust and care about Gru once they were adopted fully. Her dedication to Gru motivates him to quit crime and become a better dad. Agnes adores fluffy things, especially Gru’s mutant “puppy,” Kyle. Agnes likes unicorns and frequently desires to own one as a pet. Check out our website for ideas for your Agnes costume, and remember to share your memorable photos in our gallery!

Agnes Despicable Me Costumes
Agnes Despicable Me Costumes

How to Make an Agnes Costume or Emulate Agnes Gru’s Attire

Agnes Yellow-Striped Shirt

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Agnes loves wearing her simple yellow-striped shirt.

Agnes Blue Overalls

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Agnes is the group member with the purest heart, and her blue overalls give her an air of childlike merriment.

Agnes Yellow Socks

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The yellow color of Agnes’ socks is a clever technique to complement the color of her blouse.

Agnes White Sneakers

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By wearing a pair of white sneakers, Agnes maintains a current and easygoing appearance.

Agnes Red Ponytail

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Agnes keeps her tresses out of her face by pulling her hair back into a bright red ponytail.

Agnes Unicorn Plushie

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Agnes has a pathological fixation on fluffy objects, especially unicorns.

Agnes Costume Set

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Also, you can purchase a costume set for your young girl.

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About Agnes

Until Despicable Me 3, Agnes was voiced by Elsie Fisher in all of her appearances.

Agnes is the youngest of three tiny children adopted by the wicked Gru. Unlike her other siblings, Agnes was immediately fond of Gru and showed him how much she adored him. Her elder sisters are very protective of her since she is pretty naive and trusting. Yet it’s because of this ray of sunshine that Gru began shedding a fresh leaf in the first place. So everything is fine!

Agnes is well-known for her adorable young girl dress. She is dressed in a yellow and blue striped blouse, blue overalls, and white sneakers. Her hair is wrapped in a high ponytail with a crimson hair tie, and she is known for her love of unicorns, so a unicorn plushie is a must! Everything you need to appear like Agnes is right here.

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Guide to the Greatest Agnes Gru Halloween Costumes

In the film Despicable Me, dress up as Agnes Gru, the youngest of Gru and Lucy’s three adoptive daughters. Like her sisters Margo and Edith, Agnes is obsessed with unicorns and is frequently seen with her hair standing straight up! Wear a Cotton Crewneck Striped T-Shirt, Kensie Women’s Shortall, Basic Solid Beige Socks, and Classic White Velcro Sneakers to channel Agnes Gru this Halloween. Agnes’ lovely ensemble is completed with a Despicable Me Plush Unicorn, Red Satin Hair Scrunchie, and TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Spray to keep that ponytail sticking straight up!

Cosplay Costumes for Agnes Gru

Dreamworks’ big office smash “Despicable Me” was released in 2010. The film follows Gru, a supervillain who adopts three orphaned girls and gives up his life of crime to become a parent. While Gru’s adoptive daughters were popular with the audience, Agnes was the crowd favorite. Agnes, the youngest of the three sisters, is great for cosplayers who wish to dress up like a beloved and easily identifiable figure. Begin with a striped T-shirt and finish with overalls and sneakers. Agnes’ most recognizable trait is her straight-up ponytail. Get your friends to join you in your costume by dressing as Agnes’s sisters Edith and Margo or Gru or the Minions.

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