Ideas for Risky Business Costumes Cosplay and Halloween 2023

Risky Business follows a senior citizen named Joel Goodsen, who hires a prostitute and ends up in big trouble. To pay for his expenses, he turns his parents’ house into a one-night brothel. That’s right, that’s right. But, even with the pimping and burglary aside, Joel’s dancing around his house in just his underwear and a dress shirt is timeless. He was identifying with and feeling free for the first time!

You can rock out in this outfit whether you’re a boy or a girl! The only thing you need is a giant white long-sleeve dress shirt, a lengthily white pair of shorts, white socks with the crew, white sneakers, and black glasses. Effortless! Stylish Joel Goodsen gear straight from Risky Business.

risky business costume

Costume for Risky Business – Risky Business

It would be best if you were quite brave to dress up as your Risky Business character. Those tight white briefs and a white shirt will be enough to keep you warm. You can recreate one of Tom Cruise’s most iconic roles by making your very own Risky Business costume.

Sunglasses for the risky businessperson

In the Risky Business dance scene, Tom Cruise didn’t wear his sunglasses. Despite this, they are still a great addition to your Risky Business costume. Instead, it was Ray-Ban Wayfarers that Tom Cruise wore in the movie.

It is possible to buy these or use cheaper replicas.

Is there anything more “home alone” than an oversized white dress shirt?

As part of your Risky Business costume, you will need a long sleeve shirt. Thin material is used for Tom Cruise’s shirt in the film. Likewise, it has thin white stripes and is light pink.

A shirt similar to or identical to this one shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

  • The classic, buttoned-up design is soft to the touch and provides optimum comfort
  • A tailored silhouette, with a roomy chest and tapered waist
  • Creating incredible clothes that are constructed with care is our mission at Goodthreads
Riskey Business idea

Put on a pair of white knee-high crew socks to turn up the heat.

Socks worn by Tom Cruise will be your easiest item of clothing to obtain for the Risky Business fancy dress. All you need is a pair of white socks to achieve this look. Of course, the best choice would be a pair of plain white sports socks.

  • The only thing you should wash is your hands.
  • A very thick and durable fashion design. Looks great with mini skirts and shorts. All girls should own this. A comfortable stretch that you can wear all day long. Knie-high socks with a three-stripe design, easy to match with your daily wear
  • SOCKS WITH CRAZY STRENGTH: Super stretchy and elastic, these socks fit women of average height just above the knee, are flexible and comfortable. There will be no discomfort from the elastic bands that attach to the tops of the socks because they will fit flatter on your legs.
  • It is made from durable and comfortable cotton and spandex. It is made with a soft, breathable material that is perfect for the skin.
  • It is also a perfect gift for yourself or a friend when you wear it with your favorite skirts or shorts, and it can be worn with most occasions in your daily life.

Now, that’s a tad weird. The shoes you need are yours. Your outfit will look great with white sneakers!

We innovate using a female lens to create sneakers that’ll fit like a glove in the process. We don’t simply make a men’s sneaker in a smaller size.

  • It’s impossible not to love this classic style of tennis shoe, with all the modern details.
  • A pillow-like footbed provides everyday comfort.
  • Easily blends with other looks – Cute with casual looks just as much as with formal ones.

Taking the lace-to-toe style to a new level, the kickstarts provide a fresh new look. Colors like these will last through the year in your wardrobe.

Question: In comparison to Converse, which makes my feet hot, how do they compare? Are you able to wear them without socks without sweating?


It hasn’t happened yet. A woodshop in Texas is where I work. My socks may have gotten slightly damp by the end of the day. There is nothing particularly hot about them. After a long day on the concrete, they are very comfortable.

Question: Is it okay to wear these shoes with a casual tee shirt dress?

Answer: The answer is yes. This pair of shoes is amazing.

Instead of staying true to the costume & wearing actual white briefs to a party, settle for a very short pair of white shorts.

  • Shorts with foldover pockets
  • Ninety-two percent cotton, eight percent spandex
  • Cold-washing the machine
  • The waist measurement from the waist is 12.”

The contrast foldover waistline adds to the style of these yoga shorts. This knit is stretchy. Weight-saving.

Don’t forget to wear black sunglasses at your next party.

They’re awesome! Despite multiple drops, they are still in good condition. These glasses are wide enough without being overwhelming, but not too wide that they give me a headache.

As soon as the glasses arrived, I assumed they would be another pair I would break or fall apart because of their price point. However, I have no complaints, the plastic is lightweight but durable, and they sit nicely. Despite being dropped, slept on, and bent in all sorts of ways, these are still holding up!

The trophy you bring along can serve as your microphone.

There are 115″ in height, a 5.5″ wide metal cup, a plastic stem, and a black marble base on this Gold with Silver Metal Cup Trophy. Added to the cost of this trophy is a FREE 2.875″ x 1.125″ gold finish engraving plate. With four lines of engraving, you can customize a message to recognize an accomplishment or recognize outstanding performance. The maximum number of characters per line is 20.

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On the Decade Awards page, you can contact the seller for a customized engraved plate. Then, you simply have to email them what you want to be engraved. There is no charge. The process is straightforward.

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Last World

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