Orange blossom strawberry shortcake costume 2024 (All Ages)

The cartoon character Strawberry Shortcake first appeared in the 1980s before making a comeback in 2003. A television series led to books, movies, and more recently, video games that made her popular with little girls. Her freckle-faced reddish-pink hair is a perfect match for Strawberry Shortcake. With a sunny disposition and a positive attitude, she is always willing to help those in need.

Her signature outfit consists of a pink and white dress with dark pink polka dots and a strawberry applique. Strawberry also wears striped stockings, a pink and white dress, and a strawberry applique. The hat on her head matches her dress, one of the most notable features of her attire. During the show’s run, Strawberry Shortcake befriended many characters named after sweet concoctions. She has many friends, including Orange Blossom costume, Lemon Meringue, and Apple Dumpling.

orange blossom costume
orange blossom costume

1. Strawberry Shortcake Retro Classic Soft Doll

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The possibilities of Strawberry Shortcake’s childhood past and present are vast. Strawberry Shortcake’s sunny personality and optimistic outlook make her the perfect everlasting friend for collectors and new fans alike! There is no doubt that you remember this Doll from the 1980s – it has that sweet berry scent you remember from way back then!

  • Fans and collectors will enjoy sharing their favorite Doll with the next generation!
  • The Doll has the same sweet strawberry scent as the original.
  • Also available online is the Strawberry Shortcake Classic 6″ Doll!

2. Retro Classic Doll (Strawberry Shortcake)

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Strawberry Shortcake has solid potential from childhood past and present. 

Strawberry Shortcake is the perfect forever friend for collectors, new fans, and everyone. It smells just like the 80s – all sweet berry goodness!

Fans and collectors looking to give their favorite dolls to a younger generation will love this!

The original Strawberry scent is preserved in this version.


orange blossom character costume
orange blossom character costume

3. Women Strawberry Flirty Fruit

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Women Strawberry Flirty Fruit outfit with leggings underneath for a Halloween-themed trail run. I loved it! But it got dirty and didn’t wash very well. Also, the cute flower on the collar came off because it wasn’t sewn on but glued instead.

  • The collar is a pull-on tunic dress and a headband.
  • Machine washable.
  • Included are:
  • A tunic dress and a headband

4. Shopkins Classic Dress

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Spot clean with a damp cloth. If necessary, cool the iron. Don’t dry clean.

You can dress up while the kids play with their Shopkins toys at theme parties or events! For example, Queen Cupcake loves to host grand balls and dreams of becoming royalty.

For the Strawberry Shortcake Party theme, you can quickly get all the party supplies from a store near your home. Some of the party supplies are dinnerware, themed tablecloths, dessert plates, banners, napkins, cups, and other party supplies. Pi*atas, candy, party favors, and cake toppers are also available.
In addition to orange blossom cookies and blueberry muffins, which are favorites of Strawberry Shortcake’s friends, you can also include Strawberry Shortcake itself. You can also have some lemonade, as Lem and Ada, Strawberry’s twin friends, love it so much.

Fun Factory Parties in California also provide look-a-like characters for hire according to your theme. Fun Factory Parties, an entertainment provider specializing in party characters, always bring their full band to the party to make every present kid laugh. In addition, a clown or a party magician can also be chosen to entertain the guests, as they are sure to delight their audience. From Fun Factory Parties, you’ll find experienced character actors, clowns, and magicians who have performed thousands of such shows.


Everyone gained performance designs when Cherry Jam joined the Berry girls. A thin orange sparkly headband with Orange’sOrange’s symbol is attached. An orange star below her left eye is worn with Orange’sOrange’s same haircut with two orange sparkle highlights on her bangs. In Orange’sOrange’s outfit, she wears a glittering yellow shirt with white lining, over which she wears a glittery peach vest with puff sleeves. Along with an orange ruffle skirt with a white belt with a single orange stripe and orange flower clip on the side.

Furthermore, she wears a peach legging with a star pattern and orange and yellow striped flats with orange blossoms at the toe and short, white platform segments. A chunky Orange-yellow bracelet with thin yellow bracelets from both wrists completed Orange jewelry. She wore a necklace with an orange charm and a necklace with an orange pendant.

The keyboard for Orange’s black-themed band image was orange wedges, while the highlights in her hair were black and orange glitter. She wears gray and black caps with orange blossoms. Orange and black stripes with black straps and orange blossoms near the toe are worn with a white T-shirt with orange blossom on the chest, a black vest, gray jeans with silver chains, and orange and black striped flats. In addition, she wears multiple bracelets around her wrist.

Orange dressed as Cherry, and the girls dressed as Cherry’s groupies. Hair was very long, curly on the edges, and she wore yellow sunglasses with white spots and orange lenses, clipped with large orange blossoms. Besides her orange tanktop and yellow spots, she wore short shoulder pad style sleeves, orange bracelets on every wrist, a ballerina skirt with an orange tutu, orange tights and leggings with yellow dots, and peach lace shoes.

Outfits not part of the series

A pale pink dress with puff sleeves and multiple layers of skirts lining with lighter pink-white ruffle lining. She wears pale OrangeOrange, sparkly Maryjane shoes with a hint of OrangeOrange at each clasp around her waist and a pale orange, sparkly belt around her waist. There are many buds, leaves, pink roses, orange blossom symbols, and many other little flowers on her head. Her jewelry collection includes a strawberry ring, pearl bracelets, smaller pearl bracelets with oranges, and pink pearl bracelets.

On top of a gray tank top is an orange top with a yellow detailed sleeveless top. A pair of pale Orange, light green, yellow, and white sneakers were also worn, along with neon yellow leggings with pale green/blue markings. It’s a curly ponytail, and she’s wearing a blossom flower hair clip.

In this ball gown, the top and trousers are mostly peaches, and the sleeves are pale Orange. Besides a fancy gold necklace ornament and simple orange stud earrings, she wears a delicate gold crown adorned with tiny orange studs. The center of her hair is arranged somewhat in a clump, while the rest is curled.

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