Top 10 Items: Crimson Viper Street Fighter Costumes for Cosplay and Halloween 2024

The Crimson Viper’s costume is a hit at any event that encourages costumes. To imitate it, you can buy a white vest, a purple necktie, black pants, a bolero, a belt, hand gloves, ankle boots, a red wig and yellow aviator glasses. There are detailed instructions on how to construct the outfit. Crimson Viper is a playable Street Fighter video game character. She has been tasked with gathering information for the BLECE Project as part of her covert CIA employment at the S.I.N. agency. Lets get more ideas about Crimson Viper Street Fighter Costumes. 

The Crimson Viper’s costume is certain to be a hit at any costume-friendly event! You can completely pull off this look by purchasing a white vest and a purple necktie to wear with it. If you wish, you can even add a black bolero on top. Complete the look by wearing the shirt with a pair of black skinny trousers and black boots. Add a bright red wig and a pair of yellow aviator sunglasses to complete the ensemble. This will distinguish you from the competition.

Crimson Viper Street Fighter Costumes
Crimson Viper Street Fighter Costumes

Instructions on How to Construct the Crimson Viper Costume from Street Fighter

It is possible to replicate the Crimson Viper’s attire by using the following components:

Crimson Viper White Waistcoat

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White Vestment To begin, acquire this waistcoat or vest.  

Crimson Viper Purple Necktie

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Purple Necktie Complete the look by pairing the white top with a purple necktie. 

Crimson Viper Black Pants

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Khaki Pants Put on a pair of trousers with a snug fit.  

Crimson Viper Bolero

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Bolero Therefore, you may also wear this bolero over the white vest.  

Crimson Viper Belt

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Belt Accessorize the jeans with this belt featuring a gold buckle.  

Crimson Viper Hand Gloves

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Hand Gloves These leather gloves will add a touch of edginess to your ensemble.  

Crimson Viper Ankle Boots

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Ankle Boots These boots are the ideal addition to your collection of footwear.  

Crimson Viper Red Wig

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Maintain the rocker aesthetic by substituting for her team with a crimson-colored wig.  

Crimson Viper Yellow Aviator Glasses

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Yellow Aviator Eyewear This pair of glasses is certain to stand out due to their brilliant hue.

About Crimson Viper

The Crimson Viper is a playable character within the Street Fighter video game franchise. She works covertly for the CIA at the S.I.N. agency. She has been tasked with gathering information for the BLECE Project. Her battle armour is equipped with a variety of devices. She has pyrotechnic, electrical, and seismic abilities due to the form-fitting clothing she wears. It has been said that her fighting style involves a great deal of baiting and fakes, in addition to high-jumping cancels and rushdowns.


Crimson Viper, also known as C. Viper, is a character from the Street Fighter video game franchise. This series is very well-liked. Maya is another of her aliases by which she is occasionally referred to. She made her first appearance in Street Fighter IV, where she was one of the initial playable characters. She additionally appeared in Street Fighter V. Crimson assumes the identity of a S.I.N. employee; however, it is eventually revealed that she is actually a CIA double agent.

The suit she wears allows her to perform actions involving electricity, seismic activity, and pyrotechnics despite the fact that she is a human. She is a boss in Street Fighter X Mega Man and is featured there because she possesses a wide variety of abilities. You will need a black blazer, black pants, a white button-down shirt, a purple tie, a red wig, aviator sunglasses, black heeled boots, and fingerless gloves to resemble the covert agent Crimson Viper. Also required is a red wig.

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