The legendary Mythic Quest character, Brad Bakshi in 2024

Brad Bakshi heads the monetization department at Mythic Quest, where he often manipulates the game to make it even more profitable. Brad has no interest in video games, unlike the other members of the development team. Rather than bending human beings to his will, he prefers to play God and toy with them. Therefore, he is often regarded as sociopathic since he doesn’t necessarily care about what other people think about him as long as he can gain something from it. As a result, Brad is sometimes called the villain of Mythic Quest.

In the episode “Dinner Party,” Brad is revealed to be of Indian and Polish descent and speak Polish.

legendary Mythic Quest character

The book also reveals that he received a fencing scholarship and minored in archery. During the 2021 Everlight event, he was able to beat everyone almost to a tee.

Brad wants to build a money bin like Scrooge McDuck’s. Growing up, he was influenced by DuckTales, a children’s cartoon, and wants to “swim in his hoarded wealth.”


We know that Brad most likely had a traumatic childhood, despite not much insight into his life before joining Mythic Quest.

In “Breaking Brad,” it is revealed that Brad is the more mellow brother when compared with Zack. This is because their parents gave them pigs to raise and slaughter when they were young. When it came time to kill his pig, Kate, Brad grew attached to her. Zack killed her as a result, and Brad was deeply traumatized by the event. Zach also taunts Brad with a birthday cake while fully aware of Brad’s eating disorder and puts on the role of a caring older brother, but he also belittles Brad, calling him ‘motu’ (meaning fat).

Brad’s father was also verbally abusive to him, according to Zack.

In a conversation with IndieWire, Pudi said that the upcoming episodes of Mythic Quest season 2 would explore Brad’s backstory, addressing the events in his past that led to his cruelty. In addition, the actor explained that some of the new episodes would focus on Brad’s family, which may help the audience understand the reasoning behind Brad’s indifferent attitude.

Brad’s early life has been explored so far in season 2. Zack (Parvesh Cheena) shows up at Mythic Quest Studios to celebrate his brother Brad’s birthday in episode 4, “Breaking Brad.”. Although Zack manages to fool everyone with his friendly antics, Brad is still wary of him as he realizes that he is a corporate raider to scavenge Mythic Quest. However, watchers witness Brad’s soft side for the first time as he begs Zack to keep MQ intact at the end of the episode. In a subsequent revelation, audiences also learn that Brad once grew attached to a pig his family raised for slaughter. This all takes place without the presence of most employees, but Brad’s new assistant, Jo (Jessie Ennis), witnesses it all.

How would you describe Brad from Mythic Quest?

Brad, of Indian and Polish descent, speaks Polish in the episode “Dinner Party.”. Brad was also awarded a fencing scholarship and minored in archery. During the Everlight event in 2021, he almost defeated everyone.

What is the name of the head of Mythic Quest monetization?

Mythic Quest’s monetization department head, Brad Bakshi, often manipulates the game to increase its profitability. Brad has no interest in video games, unlike the other members of the development team. Instead, he prefers to play God and toy with actual people, forcing them to bend to his will.

Mythic Quest’s cast is leaving. Who will replace them?

I think it’s game over for Mythic Quest now that Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) have left the company to pursue a new project.

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